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Hosting the Perfect Eco-Friendly Halloween Party

Published by Nena Shankin

Halloween party is a terrific idea for so many reasons. First, you’re helping to save the environment, second, you’re teaching your children how to save the environment (without them even knowing) and third, its fun! There are lots of ways you can use eco-friendly ideas when planning the perfect Halloween party. Just see below!

Costumes. Instead of buying costumes, borrow from family and friends. (We have a baby pumpkin costume that has been through three families.) Organize an eco-friendly Halloween costume swap among your friends and neighbors. Everyone can bring their old Halloween costumes to a fun get together where they can exchange old costumes for new ones. If no hand-me-down Halloween party costumes are available, use household items or real accessories to create costumes (scrubs if someone in the family works in medicine, a real broom for your little witch.) Make fairy wings from wire hangers and recycled birthday paper and make other jewelry and accessories from what you have on hand. Use recycled paper bags or canvas totes for trick or treating, or how about a pillow case?

Candy. Try candy shopping at an organic market. You’ll be able to purchase Halloween party candy that is soy-free, dairy free, and usually with less additives and preservatives. College Farm Organic Nature Pops come in flavors like Citrus Blast and Chocolate! These eco-friendly candies are perfect for Halloween party loot bags or for putting inside Halloween party piñatas. Plus they are gluten free, soy free, kosher and vegetarian. Also, try not to hand out candy that is wrapped in plastic – look for paper wrapped Halloween party treats such as taffy.

Alternatives to candy. Instead of handing out candy, try more eco-friendly party treats such as soy crayons or stickers made from recycled paper products. Seed packets are also a creative Halloween treat that children will like.

Beverages. Serve organic apple cider from your local organic farm or other organic juices locally made. While you are there you can also purchase organic pumpkins to make muffins, cakes, pies, and even organic Jack-O-Lanterns! Talk about your eco-friendly Halloween party. Don’t forget to bob for organic apples.

Invitations. To save trees, send out electronic invites to your Halloween party instead of paper invitations. Check out e-vite for some great ideas and designs for your eco-friendly Halloween party invitations.

Decorations. Organic pumpkins, of course (see above), along with organic gourds and fall leaves collected from your own back yard. Put the leaves in items from your recycling bin, such as jam jars and plastic containers. You can paint these with non toxic Halloween paints for colorful eco-friendly fun. If you put candles in your Jack-O-Lanterns, purchase all natural beeswax candles for an eco-friendly alternative. You can also try growing your own eco-friendly pumpkins! If pumpkins don’t need to be shipped to you, you reduce their carbon footprint. Corn husks, straw bales, and other natural materials make great eco-friendy decorations that can be composted after your Halloween party.

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