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How Halloween is Celebrated in Different Cultures

Published by Kamilah Kudrle

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Generally, Halloween is considered to be one of the oldest holidays that is celebrated by majority of the countries around the world.

Halloween actually originated from different cultural influences over thousands of years. No matter how each culture celebrates Halloween, it is still apparent that this holiday is being commemorated every year by people all over the world.

In the western countries such as the United States and Canada, they are celebrating Halloween by displaying carved pumpkins and corn stalks. Children go trick or treating and even wear scary costumes which depict scary creatures as they roam door to door for treats. These are the common practices in the western countries.

In Ireland, where the trick or treating originated, they celebrate their Halloween by anxiously pursuing sweet treats. Children wearing scary costumes knock on the doors of every house asking for sweets. This has been a long time tradition that is still practiced every year. Aside from that, the houses are also decorated with numerous Halloween decorations and lights.

As for the Spanish people, they are known to enjoy numerous kinds of feasts and other celebrations and they celebrate their Halloween similar to the western countries wherein children receive sweets from their neighbors while adults enjoy Halloween parties at clubs. They also tend to hold numerous Halloween parades as part of the celebration.

On the other hand, Asian cultures have a slightly different manner of celebrating Halloween. In China, people offer food and water while they light their lanterns so that the spirits of their deceased loved ones will be guided in travel during the night of Halloween. Aside from that, pilgrims are also visiting Buddhist temples and they create paper boats which they regard as the symbols of the spirits of the dead.

In Japan, Halloween is celebrated as the Obon Festival wherein special dishes are made and bright red lanterns are hung in each house. These lanterns are lit with light to serve as a guide to show the spirits where their loved ones are. The Japanese families also clean the memorial stones of their deceased loved ones because they believe that their spirits come and visit during the festival; however, in Japan, the Obon festival is celebrated at some time in July or August.

Some celebrate it in a festive way, while others have it in a more serene manner of celebration. There are even cultures that shun Halloween as being a celebration of evil.

Being a part of the western traditions myself, I’ll end this on the note of saying: Happy Halloween!

Article Resource: Jelyn Viray



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