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How to Create Fake Bruises for Halloween

Published by Irina Spinoza

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“You Got Beat Down”

Adding bruises to your Halloween costume only enhances the realistic feel to it. Take for example if you’re a zombie, you’re going to need to apply makeup to “bring out” the true zombie feel if you want it to be truthfully believable that you’re one of the “undead”. Adding a bruise to your face or another part of your body can be done with ease by using simple make up templates and kits. Below I will list a quick and easy step by step guide on “The Face Beat down” method!

Materials: Bruise/Stage Make-up Kit (Make sure it has yellows, red, purples and blues)

Clean Rag

Picture of someone bruised and battered (optional)

Extra Make-up Sponges (just in case)

1. The first thing you have to do is get a wet rag and wash your face until it’s clean. This will get rid of all the extra oils from your face, the oils will make it hard for the bruise make-up to stick.

2. Once face is clean, take one of the sponges from the make-up kit and dap some of the yellow base on it. This truthfully all depends on your skin tone; you may want to blend a selection of the yellow base with a light brown if that’s what your skin tone blends with. Whatever you pick, this will be your base, apply it to the area where you want the bruise.

3. Grab a clean make-up sponge and add a sample of the red out of the make-up kit. If you’re having trouble deciding what type of bruise you want, try getting a picture of zombies or someone bruised. Once you have the desired amount, begin to rub it in around the desired area where you want your bruise to form. Apply extra pressure to the places you want to “stand out”.

4. Now it’s time for the details! The first thing you’re going to have to do is get a clean sponge and add some purple to it. Once the purple color is on the sponge, apply it to the desired area over the red. With the purple sponge still in hand, apply a sample of blue coloring and rub across the desired area.

5. Blend all of the colors in with the sponge to create a realistic effect. For even more of a “bruised” effect, take your fingers and rub the make up around the bone structure of your face. Areas like this would be, around the bridge of your nose towards the inside of your eye and around the bottom/side of the eye. Apply more purples and blues to enhance areas of “serious” trauma.

6. You can now complete the “bruise” by adding on the finishing touches. This means getting a clean sponge and gently blotting the rough areas to smooth everything out. You can also take the sponge that you started with, that has the base on it, and apply it to parts of the bruise you want to blend in with the skin.

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