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How to Create Halloween Photo Cards in Photo Card Workshop

Published by Carlie Gavigan

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You can quickly create Halloween Photo Cards if you have the Photo Card Workshop. All you have to do is select the photo you want to use, find the layout, and add your clipart and text. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create Halloween Photo Cards in Photo Card Workshop. To get started with this Halloween Card tutorial, you will need to load your Photo Card Workshop.

Once you have loaded your workshop, you will need to select the template you want to use. In the far right panel, you will see the templates that are available. You can browse through these templates and find the one you want to use. There really aren’t any Halloween templates for you to choose from, but you can find a couple that will work. Basically, you will be using the clipart to make these cards look like Halloween cards.

Once you have found a template you want to use, you can click the template and it will load on your page. When the template loads, you will need to open the photo that you want to use. Open the photo and place it in the frame slot on the template.

Now you are ready to add your Halloween Clipart to your card. At the top of your program, you will see the Clipart tab, find that tab and click it. Then use the scroll bar to scroll through the clipart and find the Halloween clipart you want to use. When you find a clipart you want to use, click it to select it and click the Add button below the clipart. The clipart will be added to your template and you can edit the clipart.

Your next step is to add text. Click the Text tab at the top of your program and type what you want in the box. Then you can make the changes to your text color, size, and font. When you are finished with the card, you can save the card and export it.

If you need more help with using the Photo Card Workshop program, you can see my other tutorials and they will walk you through the entire program.



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