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How to Create Unique Halloween Hairstyles

Published by Alisha Fierst

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Halloween is a night when children young and old can live out their fantasies and be anything they choose to be. It’s a chance to play “dress up” for a night even if you’ve outgrown your childhood years. If you’ll be attending a Halloween party, you may have your costume selected, but what about you hair? Choosing a great Halloween hairstyle can give you the extra attention to detail needed to make your costume stand out. If you need some inspiration, here are some ghostly Halloween hairstyle ideas and the tools you need to create them:

Halloween hairstyles: Change your hair color

Would you like to be raven haired for an evening? This look isn’t hard to achieve with the many temporary dyes and rinses available at drugstores and beauty supply shops such as Sally’s. If you’re looking for more vibrant color for an evening, look for Hot Head temporary hair color that comes in such shades as passionate pink, outrageous orange, and vivid violet. If you want even more shocking hair color, try Manic Panic cream hair color that comes in a variety of bold shades, some of which even glow in the dark. Perfect for Halloween night.

Halloween hairstyles: Give your hair Rapunzal type waves

If your hair is bone straight, why not make it wavy for Halloween night? Although you can use rollers and styling gel, you can create crimps and waves more easily by using a crimping iron. A crimping iron is a handy tool for adding waves or for getting that tousled, “bed head” look. Think of the wavy hairstyles that were so popular in the 1980’s. Some modern crimping irons come with a variety of interchangeable plates so you can vary the size of the wave or crimp you add to your hair. A crimping tool will give you lots of creative options for Halloween night.

Halloween hairstyles: Try a wig or hairpiece

One of the easiest ways to drastically change your hairstyle for Halloween is to put on a wig. A well chosen wig will allow you to change not only your hairstyle but the color as well without using temporary dyes or chemicals. Most Halloween costume stores sell wigs or you can pay a visit to a wig store in your area if you want a more sedate look. Whether you want a flapper, pageboy hairstyle or long, flowing, golden waves to go with your costume, a wig provides a quick and easy solution.

Halloween hairstyles: Use hair accessories

A fun way to enhance a Halloween hairstyle is to add illuminated hair accessories. These colorful, sparkle-in- the-dark accessories will get you noticed even if it’s pitch black outside. They can be purchased online at luminence.com. You can also buy a variety of clip-on hair extensions and dramatic bows to add style to Halloween hair. What if you want no hair at all? Rest assured you can have it your way by wearing a bald cap that slips neatly over your natural hair. Don’t forget about decorative hairbands and hats which can add additional character to your costume.

It’s easy to create a spooky Halloween hairstyle with the help of the right accessories. Why not see what you can create?



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