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How to Ensure Your Child Enjoys a Halloween Hayride

Published by Altagracia Rouser

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A Halloween hayride can be a real source of fun to celebrate the holiday. Whether you live in a small or large town, chances are there are several local Halloween hayrides that you can choose from to take your child on. If you are new to your area or this is the first year you will be taking your child on a Halloween hayride, check the local gardening or landscaping centers and also your town’s community center to see if any of these places are hosting a Halloween hayride this year. Here are some suggestions for making sure that your child has a wonderful time on their Halloween hayride and looks forward to going again next year.

Make It A Party! Invite the Grandparents, an Aunt and Uncle and friends of your child and their parents to all attend the Halloween hayride together. The more people you invite, the more fun your child will have. A large group of friends and family going on a Halloween hayride together will create a wonderful memory for your child and give you great photo opportunities to fill your child’s scrapbook with.

Do Some Research. Not all Halloween hayrides are alike. Some are geared towards older children and have a haunted house element to them which will be very frightening for small children. Many also have hayrides for younger children earlier in the evening which are not scary at all, but then change the atmosphere for later rides at a certain time. Be sure that the Halloween hayride you choose to take with your child is age appropriate. Many areas that offer Halloween hayrides also have other activities available such as games and pumpkin picking to enjoy once the hayride is complete. Instead of a simple fifteen minute hayride, you may be able to choose a place that offers an entire evening of entertainment. Be sure to find out if you need to purchase tickets ahead of time as well or you will arrive at the Halloween hayride and then have to deal with a very disappointed child.

Be Prepared. The weather at the end of October is very unpredictable. A warm and sunny day can quickly turn into a damp and chilly evening. Bring warm, waterproof jackets so your child can stay warm and dry if the weather suddenly turns and a few drops of rain fall. If it begins to rain during the middle of your hayride, the driver may not be able to immediately let you off so you will be forced to endure the rest of the hayride getting quite wet and uncomfortable if not prepared. Even if the weather is extremely warm, your child should wear long pants because the straw can be very itchy and unpleasant against bare skin.

Wait For The Next Ride If It Becomes Too Crowded. If you and your child are in line for a Halloween hayride and you see that the tractor will be over crowded, wait for the next one. Your child will not enjoy the hayride if he or she is forced to sit on top of strangers. It is far better to wait the few extra minutes and take the next one than have your child remember the Halloween hayride as being crammed into the tractor like sardines in a can.

By choosing your Halloween hayride wisely, inviting loved ones along and taking a few steps to prepare, you can ensure that your child has a very fun and memorable time at this classic Halloween activity.



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