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How to Handle Halloween Candy Overloads

Published by Lanny Berch

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Childhood obesity is a major concern today. Some television shows are even addressing the issue. Schools are being limited to what food items are served and how they are cooked. Fast food restaurants are offering more healthy choices in kids’ meals. Milks and fruits are being pushed rather than French fries and cokes. Vending machines are offering more healthy snack choices such as baked items and fruits..

So how does Halloween help our society when it comes to candy? It does not help very much. The holiday is known for its push of sweets and sugar. Some parents must take extra precautions when it comes to what and how much candy and sugar their children get on Halloween.

Some health-concerned parents frown on the entire trick-or-treating situation. They may limit their child to how much candy they can have. Some children can limit themselves. However other children have no limit o how much candy they eat.

It is a good idea to serve your child a healthy meal before going out to trick-or-treat. Just like with grocery shopping, you should never go when you are hungry. If a child has a full stomach, he/she is more likely not to snack and nibble on candy as the night progresses.

When you get home, do not let your child take the candy to his/her room. Take the candy and store it where you know where it is. The child should not have free range of the sweets.

When keeping Halloween candy at your house for your own trick-or-treaters, try waiting until the last minute to buy it. For example, instead of going out and buying Halloween candy the week before Halloween wait until the day before. This way your family will not be tempted to snack on the candy. After Halloween, put up the leftovers. Do not leave the candy out in the house where again your family is tempted.

Another option to candy is to offer Halloween treats such as stickers, pencils, or Halloween goody toys. You also could always serve healthy snacks such as pretzels, boxes of raisins, or popcorn.

No matter what you decide make sure that you do allow your child to have a little fun and little sweet treat on Halloween. After all, that is what trick-or-treating is all about. In moderation and with good teeth brushing, candy is not all bad. Enjoy your children and enjoy your Halloween!



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