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How to Have a Safe Halloween

Published by Sterling Thesing

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Tips for a Safe and Happy Halloween

Halloween is a wonderful and fun holiday for children. Preparing for Halloween includes selecting and carving pumpkins, making Halloween treats, and then dressing up and trick-or-treating on Halloween evening. It is a great time to be a kid. But Halloween activities can also mean hidden dangers for children.

It is important to know how to have a safe Halloween. With just a few handy tips you can ensure that your family will have a happy and safe Halloween to remember. Here are just a few good ideas to make sure that you have a safe Halloween:

How to have a Safe Halloween #1 Picking a Safe Halloween Costume

Selecting a Halloween costume is great fun for kids. But there are a few things to think about as they are deciding whether to be a witch or a devil or a princess. Make sure that the costume selected is not too long so that your child won’t trip on the edge. Try to find a costume that does not have a mask, instead use face makeup, that way your child can always see what is around them. Put reflective tape on the costume so that your child can be seen in the dark and they will have a safe Halloween.

How to have a Safe Halloween #2 Accessories for the Halloween Costume

Make sure there are no drawstrings, especially around the neck of the costume. If the costume comes with shoes, recommend to you child to wear their own comfortable tennis shoes that they can trick-or-treat in fror a safe Halloween. Also if the costume has any daggers, swords, wands, etc.; make sure that they are made of soft materials sp there will no injuries in case you child falls.

How to have a Safe Halloween #3 Carving the Pumpkins

The safe Halloween advice for pumpkin carving is to not let the children help with the actual carving. Let them help scooping out the insides of the pumpkin, or drawing the scary face on the pumpkin. But for a safe Halloween the carving should be left to the adults. Make sure that all carving tools are up out of the reach of children.

How to have a Safe Halloween #4 Trick-or-Treating Safety

Do not let your children trick-or-treat without an adult with them for a safe Halloween, they also should each have an easily operated flashlight with them. Make sure you show you put fresh batteries in the flash light and show your child how to use it. Discuss ahead of time the streets that you will be trick-or-treating on and set boundaries for older children. Remind them to be extra careful crossing the streets and they are not to go inside any houses.

How to have a Safe Halloween #5 Candy Should be the Best Part

A safe Halloween means that you do not let the kids eat the candy while they are trick-or-treating. It is distracting and they need to wait until they are safely home. You need to set the expectation that their candy has to be seen first by a parent before they are allowed to eat any of it. If you are uncomfortable with any of the pieces of candy then discard them. Small toys or treats should be removed if you have young children.

Follow these simple tips and you and your family will have a happy and very safe Halloween.



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