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How to Host a Halloween Party for Kids

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Trick or Treat

Halloween is a time for spooky for things to go bump in the night. Kids love to dress up in scary costumes to frighten other children. A successful Halloween party begins with one important ingredient; the imagination of a child. Children are the best recipe for any Halloween party.

What is the first step to planning any successful party? Plan, you can not have a party without knowing how many children will be attending. This article will discuss into details onto plan a spooky Halloween party for small children. The imagination and fun will be oozing out from the seams. You and your child can be the hosts of the party. A child will love to be the helper of a spooky Halloween party. Let the child’s imagination run free.


The invitations are what will set your party from the rest of the other parties. The invites should have a theme and the rest of the party should match the same theme. Your child would love to create and design their own invitations. Spooky should be the key ingredient to a perfect invitation. A child will feel important to design their own invitations.

Party Favors

Party favors are a must have for any children’s party. Not sure what party favors to choose from? Just think of Halloween. Glow sticks, stickers, finger cuffs, and vampire teeth. Those are just some party favors to choose from. Let the children design their own party favor bags, to take home their goodies. A child loves to be creative and this party will them the chance to be creative and spooky all wrapped in one.


To make the highlight of the party is to have a haunted house. You can lead the tour of the haunted house. Each room can be decorated in a various Halloween themes. What type of Halloween themes can you choose from for your party? Harry Potter, Friday the 13th, Magic and wizards are just a few themes to choose.

Fun Foods

Children are picky eaters. At any party you have to make the food fun or the children will probably not eat what you make for them. If the child helps to create the fun foods for the menu, it will be a fun and exciting adventure for them to explore. For example, spaghetti with tomato is a great imitation for guts and intestines. Children are not too crazy about stuffed olives but stuffed olives are great fake eyeballs.


A gross box is a great game for small children to play. Each child should take a turn being blindfolded and have each child reach inside the box and feel different objects. These items should represent something gross. Who ever can guess the correct item wins a prize. Another great game or activity for the children to participate is a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt should be related to Halloween. Who ever finds the most on the hunt will win a prize of some sort.

The children will have loads of fun with this spooky Halloween party. The key ingredient to any successful party is imagination. A child’s imagination is full of creativity and adventure. A Halloween party for children doesn’t have to be boring, it can be fun and very spooky. Each child will love to be involved with the creations of the party. Let the children be children and to have fun and be their selves.

Halloween is one night a year to be spooky and to frighten others with scary costumes. It is a night to be frightful.

Just remember to have fun and be safe.



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