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How to Make a Halloween Witch’s Cauldron

Published by Dagmar Towns

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Halloween crafts and décor are great ways to spruce up your home this October. One way to get things started is to have a witch’s cauldron in your house. Big or small, making a cauldron can be as simple as you want it to be.

There are several things we can do for a witch’s cauldron. The first thing we need to consider is what you want for it. Is this cauldron going to be a centerpiece on your Halloween table, or is it a prop on your front porch or yard? Size will determine the materials you use to make your cauldron.

For a simple cauldron to make in a few minutes, get a plain paper bowl and black paint. Get three wooden beads and hot glue them to the bottom of the bowl. Take some kind of flexible stem, maybe even a pipe cleaner, and bend it over to make a handle. Paint it completely black so none of the white shows through, so you may need two smooth coats of paint.

For a more complicated design that takes longer, buy a simple clay bowl and glaze it completely black or incorporate whatever motifs you want on the bowl. For added effect, place colored water in the bowl and add a piece of dry ice to make it bubble and “smoke” like a cauldron seems to do when a witch gets a hold of it.

Find your favorite witch statue and place it next to the bowl and have the witch look like she’s stirring something in the pot by attaching a broomstick to her hands that angles right into the cauldron. She doesn’t have to be attached to the bowl necessarily, but just close enough to be stirring something.

If a clay bowl is not what you’re looking for, take one of your own bowls and cover it completely with black tissue paper. Add three dimensional décor to it like confetti or candy corn or little model broomsticks made from toothpicks. Whatever your favorite add-ons to the bowl, be creative in arranging your little centerpiece.

Take black fuzzy craft pom poms to make little fluffy black cats sitting on the edges of the cauldron and looking into it with little round white eyes and little black ears and tails made from construction paper and glued or pasted on.

Whatever you decide to make, the beauty will be in the details when you make your witch’s cauldron for Halloween no matter how small the bowl is.



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