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How to Make Halloween Party Invitations Unique

Published by Ardella Slovacek

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Choose Creepy Scroll or Cute Pumpkin Theme

If you are having a Halloween party, why not make it special? I have ideas for two different kinds of invitations you or your child can hand out or mail. These invitations, however, especially the scroll should be made by a parent.

Creepy Scroll

Rip several 8 1/2″ by 11″ sheet of papers in half with your hands so they are scraggly and uneven.

Cook the paper for about 5-10 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven so it browns.

This next part is optional. Use a flame and singe the ends. Do not let it burn too much. Be careful to do this over a sink so that it if it catches on fire, you can toss it in the sink. If you do it right that should not happen but be careful. Burn all around all the edges so there is just a little bit of black on them.

Write out the details of the party on each sheet using a calligraphy pen or a thin brush in red or black paint. You can use a regular pen if those are unavailable. Then put red paint on a fine brush or red dye on a Q-tip and drip it on the paper to look like blood. Do it on both sides of each paper and make it look ominous. You may even want bloody fingerprints. Test different things to see what looks good.

Roll the paper and then wrap it with a black, red, gold or orange ribbon. Stick plastic bats, spiders, eyes or any other tiny creepy things you can find on top of it. If you have spooky stamps or stickers, you can use those too.

You can also drip candle wax on the paper if you wish.

Then simply hand it out or put it in a mailbox or on a door yourself. I would not recommend mailing these or they may crumble.

This is perfect if your party is going to be a bit on the spooky side.

Cute Pumpkin

If you want a fun pumpkin theme for your party, these invitations are great place to start.

You will need orange construction paper, green or black pipe cleaners, tape, black paper, a glue stick and a red pen.

Cut construction paper into 4″ by 8″ pieces and fold it in half to make a square. Draw a pumpkin and cut it leaving the fold on top together to keep the card in one piece. On what will be the front of the pumpkin card, cut out triangle eyes and a cute or spooky mouth.

Then put the pipe cleaners through the top fold of the card and make it look like a pumpkin stalk.

Glue black paper on the inside of the card on the front piece where the top of the pumpkins eyes and mouth were cut out. Be sure it is large enough to cover both the eyes and mouth. This will make them look a spooky black, when you see it from the front.

Once the glue dries, write the party details inside the card.

You can handout the cards or even mail them carefully in a big envelope if you wish.

These are cute Halloween projects that make your party special. It’s often good to choose a fun party theme and follow it from the beginning. Be sure to give these out plenty early so your guests can plan ahead for a great time.




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