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How to Make Spooky Halloween Containers and Recycle at the Same Time

Published by Hector Meroney

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It’s that time of year again when everyone is decorating their homes, trying new colors on, and getting in the spooky mood. Ghosts and Goblins will soon be everywhere, and you want your home to the one on the block that not only says you have style but your creative in the same time. The best way to have a tasteful Halloween without breaking your wallet is to get creative. I am always coming up with some fun things to do for different holidays, and my children and I love to practice and perfect the ideas and pass them on to you. So here is yet another way to not only recycle the peanut butter jars that you have, but also have some adorable little creatures that could be used for candy containers, or cute little leaf containers. The items that you will need are: an empty container of peanut butter (regular sized 18oz will work fine), some orange, black, and green paint. Any type of paint brush also. If available a Popsicle stick, but this item can be supplemented by green pipe cleaner, and some glue.

The first step to do is to clean out an empty peanut butter jar. After the container and lid are cleaned out, dry completely with a towel. Make sure to have the paint and brushes ready. Go ahead and paint the Popsicle stick or the pipe cleaner green, and sit off to the side.

After that the next step is to paint the peanut butter container orange. Then sit it off to the side. Make sure to only paint the container and not the lid. However, at the bottom of the lid, on the sides, paint orange triangles. When you look at the lid you will see orange triangles connected at the bottom, and when the lid is placed on the container it will look like the orange goes all the way up the sides. Then paint upside down triangles on the side of the lid in between the orange triangles, along with painting green on the top of the lid also. When attached to the container it will give the illusion of a pumpkin and the green top. Sit everything to the side for 30 minutes, or until completely dry.

The last step is to attach the green Popsicle stick to the top of the lid. This will make it look like a stem connected to the top of the container. Since the lid is done you are going to go ahead and paint the creepy smile, eyes, and nose on the spooky pumpkin.

The finished product is great for a candy corn dish, or whatever you choose to use it for. It’s a very nice decoration for this spooky season. Be sure to check out the other Halloween decorations in which I will be posting that are not only family friendly, but nice and spooky for this fun filled holiday.



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