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How to Organize a Halloween Party for Kids Instead of Trick-or-Treating

Published by Rosie Trullinger

Halloween party for the neighborhood youngsters. This will keep the kids safely off the street and safe from knocking on doors. Most areas have a mall or a church or school that has a Halloween party. If you can’t find a party organize one. The best place to have it would be at a school.

Talk to the principal and ask if the teachers would like to do it on a grade level where in each classroom there could be games or something age appropriate set up. Fourth and Fifth graders may want to have a haunted house. See if the principal is willing to ask the teachers if any of their rooms can be used and if the school will allow it. Maybe the principal will only allow use of the gym so have a plan for several exceptions. Make sure each of your plans cover activities for each grade level.

Before talking to the principal there will be several things you need to do. First prepare several plans of how a Halloween Party can be set up at the school. You will want to include details of who is bringing what and what each person will be doing. Don’t forget to outline set up time and take down time. Also have a plan of who will do the set up and have a plan of who will do the take down of the decorations and games.

You may want to ask other parents if the school has ever had a Halloween Party or if the school will be having a party. If they used to have a party and no longer do you may want to find out why before you draw up your party plan. If it was something that was done maybe you can change it on your plan.

Things to include on your party plan:

1. Have a time frame of when the party will be set up, when the party starts and ends, when the decorations and games come down.
2. Figure out the number of volunteers that will be needed and what each one will be doing.
3. Make plans with what each grade can be doing and plans if only the gym can be used what activities can go where.
4. Determine how many prizes should be given out at each game.
5. Make an Idea list of prizes that can be given out and a list of what you want parents to donate for prizes.
6. Make a list of decorations, party food, plates, silverware, etc. for whether the party will be at each grade level or in the gym and what will need to be donated.
7. Write down what you think might be in a haunted house at each age level and whether there will be one per grade or just one big haunted house. Write down what you would like parents to donate.
8. Having too many helpers is better than not having enough so if you think you need twenty helpers enlist the help of forty. Remember some parents volunteer then they don’t show up.
9. Have a list of the games for each grade level and what items need to be brought to set up the games.
10. Make up letters to send home with the students to enroll the help of the other parents if the principal doesn’t want to be bothered with doing any details.
11. Have a sign up sheet as well so you will know how many children will be at the party.
12. Don’t forget about spooky tunes. Or if the kids like to dance set aside an area for that in your party plan as well.

Take your plan to the principal who may direct you to someone else. Then show them your plan and see if it is something the school could be involved in. Make sure you let them have a say in how it will be handled. If the school doesn’t want to have a Halloween Party make a smaller version and have one at your house.

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