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how to Prepare a Halloween Light Show

Published by In Sotello

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Are you looking to bedazzle your neighbors and young trick-or-treaters with a Halloween spectacle like no other? And I’m not speaking about just regular, old gloomy pumpkins perching on your porch. I’m talking about something that will have the entire neighborhood whispering in excitement. Something so innovative, electrifying, and creepy that children will be tumbling over themselves to get a peek. I am talking about a one and only Halloween Light Show.

The first thing you must do is rally together a group of friends and family to carvee some pumpkins. Do this at least two weeks before Halloween. Have everyone bring a pumpkin. Encourage everybody to bring various types of pumpkins in different shapes and sizes. Make sure you get your children involved in the process too. Don’t let them actually carve though. They may hurt themselves. Instead, have your children draw out different types of pumpkin faces and designs on paper. These will be your blueprints.

Next, take all the children’s designs and use them to carve out the pumpkins. Make sure that every pumpkin has a unique face and look to it. Uniformity is no fun on Halloween. Once you’ve carved into the pumpkin, let your children dig their hands into it and pull out all the goo.

Once you have at least 10 to 20 carved pumpkins, distribute them throughout your lawn. Line them up along the sidewalk, by your porch, nearby trees, and don’t forget to put a few in your windows. To enhance the effect, place a table by your windows and light some candles on it. Also consider hanging some kerosene lamps from the trees in your yard. It will help to augment the creepy horror of your home. A few cloth ghosts wouldn’t hurt either!

Every night, wait until sundown to light your pumpkins. Use small tea-candles to light them. You can purchase bags of these at any nearby dollar store. Keep a container of candles by your front door for when a candle runs out. If you are up to it, consider buying and carving out an additional pumpkin each night approaching Halloween. The more lit pumpkins you have, the more fun it will be! In fact, I challenge you to prepare 50. It is a lot of work, but it will be worth it! Lastly, don’t forget to light them on Halloween night. Then don a costume and get ready to entice the world!

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