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How to Promote Your Business on Halloween

Published by Celine Treso

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Halloween is not just for kids. Adults love to celebrate the scary holiday by going to haunted houses, watching scary movies, or by handing out candy to the young kids. Your business can get a lot of publicity by celebrating the popular holiday. It’s the second most popular holiday in the year. By celebrating Halloween, you will get your employees motivated about their company. Halloween isn’t just for candy companies. You too can get involve in this fun and frightening holiday.

There are several ways your company can celebrate Halloween. You can hand out candy, throw a office party, sponsor an event, or create a haunted house. You can hand out candy to kids by having someone stand by your company’s front entrance with a huge bowl of candy. The little kids will flock to you. Or you can just put a huge bowl of candy at the reception area of your office for your clients and their children. Make sure you buy candy that everybody will like.

The best way to motivate your employees or coworkers to celebrate Halloween is by throwing a office party. Decorate your office with lanterns and carved pumpkins. You can buy a fog machine and make the office look all smoky and mysterious. You can buy some scary music to set the mood. You can make scary looking food like punch with eyeballs in it. A week before Halloween, send out invitations that are designed for Halloween. Encourage everybody to come in costume. They will have more fun if you throw a costume party. You can have a contest for the best costume. Everybody will loosen up and really enjoy themselves.

There are many events your company can sponsor for Halloween. Your company can sponsor the local high school’s Halloween events. My local high school always threw a Halloween celebration for little kids. They would encourage everybody at the high school to bring their younger siblings, nephews, nieces, and our children to the event for Halloween games and pumpkin carving. Kids can even go to each classroom and receive free candy. Many high schools throw events similar to the one I just describe. It is a great way for your company to receive good publicity.

Have you ever been to a haunted house? Then you know how much fun haunted houses are. You can transform your company’s building into a haunted house. Decorate the inside and the outside of your company’s building. Have your employees dress up as zombies or scary monsters. They can jump out and scare people. You can make a flyer and post it all over your town. Invite everybody to come. Make sure that you don’t make your haunted house too scary because people might bring their kids.

There are many more ways your company can celebrate Halloween. However you decide to celebrate this fun holiday, here are several tips to consider.

  1. You should pass out your business cards at every opportunity you get.
  2. Socialize with people. Discuss what your company is about and what you do. You might get future clients just by talking to people.
  3. Post flyers around town promoting your celebration of Halloween. If you are throwing a haunted house, sponsoring a event, or just handing out candy, let everybody know.
  4. Get all your employees or coworkers involve in the celebration. It will make it more easier for your celebration of Halloween to be a success.
  5. Make sure to have fun no matter what. Don’t stress over Halloween. It doesn’t matter if two people show up or a hundred people show to your event. Just have fun.



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