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How to Surprise Your Spouse on Halloween

Published by Ardella Slovacek

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There are many ways to surprise your spouse on Halloween. One of the biggest surprises I have ever been involved in was a Halloween marriage proposal! My partner and I were handing out candy to the children dressed at the front door and he asked that I go to the fridge to get him something to drink. While I was gone he went outside, closed the door and than rang the doorbell – I opened the door thinking that it would be a child wanting more candy – but it was him! He was down on one knee with the ring in hand and asked me to marry him. It was a Halloween that I will never forget.

A marriage proposal may be a surprise – but there are many other things that you can do to surprise your spouse on Halloween! Consider purchasing a costume of your Spouses favorite character, dressing up and paying a visit to his work during the day. This is sure to keep him in awe that you remembered his favorite character, as well as surprised that you had the guts to do it.

To surprise the partner that enjoys a wild party – get together a couple of great costumes and surprise your spouse when they get home from work with the costumes. Tell him or her that you are going to a last minute Halloween party and than present the costume when they exclaim that they have nothing to wear.

Halloween is a perfect time of the year to have a party. If your spouse is at work all day than it’s the perfect time to surprise them with a house full of friends and family members dressed up in their favorite costumes. Send out secret invitations, and be sure to not alarm your spouse with all of the planning. He or she is going to have the surprise of a life time when they see a house full of people dressed in costumes!

If you prefer to give your spouse a scare and embrace the season than now is the time to do it! Consider reenacting a scene from his or her favorite horror movie – down to factors such as the lights not working! Locate the fuse box, and turn off the power within the home. He or she will be sure to get a kick out of this scare – after all, who doesn’t like a good haunted house?

Does your spouse have relatives that live out of town? Halloween is the perfect time to surprise them with a visit! No one would expect guests on Halloween night – so have the guests arrive in costume, trick or treating and have your spouse answer the door ready to hand out candy!

Using one of these ideas – you are sure to create a memorable idea for everyone involved – and who knows, maybe next year he or she will plan a Halloween prank for you!



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