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How to Throw a Backyard Halloween Party for Kids

Published by Adell Enriguez

Halloween party fun and entertaining for the kids.

Invitations: Party stores and Discount department stores carry a large selection of pre printed Halloween invitations. You can pick up several packages of pre printed invitations or create your own custom variety using your computer and the thousands of free Halloween clip art images available. When sending out invitations to your child’s friends, be sure to indicate that this will be a backyard party. This information will allow parents to dress their children accordingly for the festivities. Besides the who, what, when, where and why, include a request for the invited guests to wear their Halloween costumes to the party.

Decorations: Turn your backyard into a Halloween paradise for the kids! Litter the lawn faux gravestones made out of Styrofoam and painted with gray or silver paint. Hang orange and black crepe paper and balloons from the backyard fence and hang ghosts made from white sheets from the trees. Pipe in spooky Halloween music from the house to give the backyard an eerie and festive air. Orange taper candles can be placed in clear glasses filled with sand to light up the party table. Be sure to instruct the children to not go near the candles to avoid any unfortunate mishaps.

Activities: Take your galvanized tubs out of storage and fill with water and apples to have an apple bobbing contest. Be sure to have plenty of towels on hand to dry off the apple bobbers. Fill your backyard with paper clues directing the Halloween party guests on a fun holiday treasure hunt. The grand prize can be a cardboard box painted to look like a treasure chest filled with Dollar Store gifts and inexpensive candy to be shared among all the party guests.Cap off the Backyard Halloween Party activities with a Halloween Costume Parade around the backyard.

Food And Drink. Hamburgers and hot dogs are always a hit with kids. Put your barbecue grill to use one last time and grill up a few pounds of hamburgers and hot dogs to feed all the little Halloween party guests. Orange sherbet can be spooned into paper cubs with a wooden spoon inserted and placed in a large bowl of ice water or galvanized tub to provide a sweet dessert. Bowls of cheese curls, cheese cubes and crackers, and a “Monster Mix” made from mini pretzels, M&M’s, and pieces of dried fruits can round out the party foods. A tub filled with cans of orange soda, water bottles and Orange-Tangerine juice boxes will ensure your Halloween monsters keep well hydrated during the party.

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