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How to Throw a Halloween House Dance Party

Published by Rubin Schrager

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You may have become too old for tricks and treats but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to turn out the porch lights on Halloween. While little ghosts and goblins are out scouring the neighborhood for treats and causing mayhem with the tricks, you can get freaky at home by throwing a Halloween dance party. Invite all of your friends and neighbors over for a dance bash that will be sure to thrill them to the bone. Below are some tips for throwing a Halloween dance party that will have your friends howling year after year:

Begin preparing for your Halloween dance party by getting the house in order. Remove all of the furniture from the main dance area of the house, preferably a room with a hard wood floor, if possible. Set food and drink stations in the corners of the room and chairs around the perimeter. Leave the center of the room wide open for those who want to get a little jiggy with it!

Decorating for your Halloween Dance Party is one of the most important steps. You’ll want a spooky theme with lots of blood and ghoul. Be sure to include plenty of spiders and webs, a few tombstones and caskets, a handful of monsters and a couple of zombies. Check out a few craft websites for some great ideas on how to make these.

You can set the mood of your Halloween dance party with some soft lighting and candles. Amber or orange “twinkle” lights will emanate a fiery glow against a black background and are great for a Halloween party. You could also use a black light for an eerie effect on white make-up or clothing and a fog machine will help set the scene with a spine-crawling haze.

Finger foods are easy to make and are perfect for a Halloween dance party. Get those creative juices flowing! Do an on-line search for devilish yet delicious Halloween treats and blood-curdling concoctions to drink. Punches make a great Halloween party beverage and you can use dry ice for a cool, smoking effect.

Have all your guests dress up in scary or crazy costumes. Costumes are a great way to kick off conversation and guests will be more likely open up while hiding behind the shield of a mask. Try having a costume contest to add a little competitive fun. Guests could earn small prizes for scariest costume, goofiest costume, sexiest costume and any other category you choose.

This Halloween dance party will become the talk of the neighborhood and a treat that the adults will look forward to year after year. Be the first in your neighborhood to start this yearly tradition.




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