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Kitten and Pumpkin Halloween Scrapbook Layout

Published by Eufemia Bartos

Abideth. Click the Abideth link to get these graphics. We will get further into that when it comes to that part.

Creating The Halloween Scrapbook Layout Background

First, we will create the background of the Kitten and Pumpkin Halloween layout. Create a new canvas to work on. Create the canvas the size that you need the page to be. Then grab the rectangle tool from your toolbar and draw a rectangle over your canvas. Make the rectangle the size of the canvas.

Now you will need to change the color fill and stroke options for the rectangle. The color fill color is # F0BB1C. You will need to apply a texture to it. The texture is Line-Vert 3 and the amount is set to 50%. The stroke color is # F69F36. The stroke category is 3D Glow and the tip size is seven. You will probably need to adjust the tip size depending on the size of your page. So, that’s your background.

Creating The Graphics for the Halloween Scrapbook Layout

Next, we will create the graphics. Go to the site above that I gave you. On that page you will see the graphic of the kitten and pumpkin. Right click on the graphic and click Copy from the drop down menu. Go back to your Fireworks window and right click on your background. When the menu drops down, click Edit > Paste.

You will need to erase the background of the graphic. Grab the Magic Wand Tool and select the background and delete it. After you have deleted all of the background, you can duplicate the other graphic that you will need. Right click on the graphic and click Edit > Duplicate. Drag the duplicated graphic to the other side of the layout. Right click on the graphic and click Transform > Flip Horizontal. That’s your graphics.

Creating the Text and Frames for the Kitten and Pumpkin Halloween Layout

The last step is creating the text and frames. These are very easy to create. First, we will create the frames. Grab the rectangle tool again. Draw your frames on the layout. Draw as many frames as you want and position them how you want. The border properties is the same as the background border properties. So, scroll back up and apply the same properties.

Now you can create your text. Take a look at my layout to get an idea of how to do your text and frames. You can type anything that you want for your text. I used the BatmanForeverAlternate font style. I used the color #F68535 for the color fill and used black to outline it. I used a size 30 for my Halloween text but you will probably need to adjust that to fit your layout. Now you can export your layout.

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