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Leftover Halloween Candy: What to Do

Published by Felicidad Kahoun

Halloween candy and have fun.

3. Take it to Work

If there is a great deal of candy- perhaps not given out at the door, fill a candy dish at work on your desk, if allowed. Get permission to put out a candy dish in the break room and fill it up. People will take it.

4. Make Ice Cream or Milkshakes Special

Cut up candy bars and mix them in with soft ice cream or milkshakes to make a truly special treat. Heath bars, Milky Way and others are especially good. Ever have a chocolate milkshake with crushed peppermint candy? Delicious.

5. Use the Candy in Crafts

This is fun. Have the little ones glue candy to cardboard picture frames for gifts, make candy necklaces or even turn it into Christmas tree ornaments.

For a fun Christmas tree decoration, string popcorn- about 7 or 8 pieces, then thread a piece of candy through the wrapper, then popcorn, and so on. Thread a ribbon through the wrappers of brightly colored wrapped hard candies and hang on the tree individually or in groups. If the tree will be sprayed with flocking or any kind of fire retardant, inform the children that the tree candy isn’t to be eaten. Make sure there is candy they can eat.

Sit down as a family and decide ahead of time how to handle leftover Halloween candy for this year. You might hear some interesting suggestions after reading these to them. Allow the children to be part of this decision making process. They’ll appreciate getting to decide about something they worked for and have fun doing it.

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