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Most Popular Political Halloween Masks

Published by Jackson Majercin

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It is a lot of fun to dress up for Halloween. Many people like to wear costumes that go along with the times, thus dressing up as a current political figure is always very popular. Usually the costume for a political figure includes a mask, and the person can supply his or her own clothes for the rest of the costume. The following are the most popular political Halloween masks.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama – The president and his wife top the list of political costumes for the Halloween holiday. You can buy this mask at many costume stores, in regular stores that have a Halloween selection, in paper catalogs such as Taylor Gifts and at many places in the World Wide Web. President Obama’s election was a historical and monumental event and many people are celebrating it with this costume. It is also very popular because he is the current president. It is also very easy to do when you have the mask because you just need to pair it with a suit (and perhaps an American flag pin). If you are going as a couple with your spouse or mate, then you may want to consider having her go as First Lady Michelle Obama. The two would look good together. A smart suit or another chic outfit would be a convincing companion to the First Lady mask.

Former President Bill Clinton is still a very popular mask, years after his presidency. Partly because of his wife and partly because of his continued involvement in important issues, he has remained in the public spotlight. You can buy masks of the Former President from many sources, especially since they have been making them for years now. Like with the current president, you can match it with any suit.

Hillary Clinton is now a great political figure in her own right and this has turned her into a favorite Halloween costume herself. She is a figure that evokes a lot of reactions from people, both positive and negative, and many would enjoy pretending to be her for Halloween whether they are a supporter or not. You can purchase this mask on the Internet and at many costume and novelty shops.

Political masks are a fun Halloween idea, which have become very popular. President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Former President Bill Clinton andHillary Clinton are some of the most popular ones.



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