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Movie Primer: Halloween 2

Published by Esperanza Derosa

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All You Need to Know About This Bloody Sequel

This is a short primer for the horror flick H2: Halloween 2. The bloody sequel will try to make audiences scream starting August 28th. The trailer for this film can be found at http://www.apple.com/trailers/weinstein/h2/

The Plot: This movie is a direct continuation of the story told in Rob Zombies remake Halloween. Michael Myers has returned to his hometown on his favorite holiday to cause all sorts of trouble. At the same time one of the survivors from his last rampage, Laurie Strode, is dealing with the trauma of what she has seen. The movie will focus on the relationships between these two characters as more of Myers family secrets are revealed.

Star Power: Almost everyone who survived the last movie has come back for this film, which is pretty rare for horror movie sequels. Tyler Mane will return as the iconic killer and Malcolm McDowell is back as Dr. Loomis. Scout Taylor-Compton also returns as Laurie Strode who has a much darker personality this time around. There are also some fresh faces like Ezra Buzzington (who has done lots of creepy movies like the Hills Have Eyes) and Jeff Daniel Philips who will be most recognized as the caveman from the GEICO commercials.

Behind the Screen: At first Rob Zombie, had not expressed much interest in doing a sequel to his surprisingly successful remake of the horror classic. He was not sure there was a story to tell. He must have found his story because he wrote and directed this new chapter in this epic horror saga. The Weinstein Company has also returned to join with Dimension films to tell at least one more story about this psycho killer.

What to expect: This movie is the latest in a long line of movies about Michael Meyers so you might think there is nothing new to tell about this killer and his family. I would not jump to that conclusion too quickly. This movie is not just going to be a mindless sequel that tries to up the body count. It looks to be a movie that is going to deal with post traumatic stress while also exploring more of the mythos behind Michael Meyers. It’s also going to be very scary and well made. Rob Zombie is one of the best horror film makers out there today so don’t pass this movie up just because you think it’s a worn out franchise.




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