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Music for Halloween: Top Ten List of Halloween Songs

Published by Lorie Marren

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  1. Halloween Sounds: There is no one person that does this bur how can you not have Halloween without sounds of spooky ghosts, wolves, chains, and wind. You can find these CDs everywhere.
  2. Halloween theme song from the movie Halloween: How can I have a top ten list and not have this song or music listed. I think of Michael Myers every time I hear it.
  3. Freddy Kruger’s song 1, 2 Freddy’s coming for you: Sung by the girls in the movie. How can you not have this song around Halloween? It is creepy and almost everyone knows the lyrics. I was ten when I saw the movie and I had to sing the song for days afterward afraid that Freddy might come and get me if I didn’t.
  4. Hotel California by The Eagles: This song is not a traditional song but it is in my top list because listen to the lyrics-“Stabbing with their steely knife but they just can’t kill the beast” how can you not have this song for your Halloween party?
  5. Theme from Jaws 2 by John Williams Orchestra: Even if you have never seen the movie you know this sound. You can be doing nothing and hear it and the hairs on your arms will stand up and you will look around to see what is going on.
  6. Purple People Eater by Sheb Wooley: This is a classic song that gets the whole family up and singing. I smile at the silly song and my children love it. How can you not like it?
  7. Twilight Zone theme song: This is an extremely recognizable sound that makes me stop and look around to make sure that I am still in the right dimension or planet.
  8. I Put A Spell On You by Animals: This is a song that the one tag line can get caught in my head. This song is in the movie “Hocus Pocus” and is very hard to get out of your head once it is in.
  9. Monster Mash by Bobby “Borris” Pickett: How can you have a top ten Halloween song list without including this song? I remember singing and dancing to this song in the eighties (it has been around since the sixties) and it is still one of the most recognized songs by young and old a like.
  10. Thriller by Michael Jackson: One of the most noticeable songs and music videos. This year Thriller is number 1 on my list because you can not have Halloween without honoring one of the best songs ever created. I still get chills listening to the evil laugh at the end of the song.



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