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My 5 Best Halloween Movies List

Published by Cayla Brokaw

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Looking for a fun and inexpensive way to spend Halloween with your family and friends? Stir up a pot of witch’s brew, bob for a few delicious apples, then curl up on the sofa and check out these classic movies!

Halloween –

Who can forget the original Halloween? I was frozen with fear in my seat at the theatre! Now, every time I see an Activia commercial, I think of this movie.

One of the scariest things about the film is the apparent normalcy of the neighborhood, as psych ward escapee Michael Myers stalks the streets of Haddonfield, Illinois, searching for his sister, Laurie.

Lights shine warmly from houses as kids run up and down the sidewalks, swinging their bulging bags of Halloween treats. Babysitter Laurie makes snacks for Tommy and Lindsey while they sit wide-eyed in the darkened living room, watching old horror flicks on TV. And all the while, Laurie’s friends are being murdered, one by one.

Ernest Scared Stupid –

Funnier than it is scary, this movie is a great choice for your kids to watch on Halloween. Our family still considers it one of our favorites.

Ernest P. Worrell is hilarious as he tries to help rid Briarville of an ancient curse put on it by a troll named Trantor. He gets assistance from several of the neighborhood children and old lady Hackmore, who lives in the woods in a spooky house and is believed to be a witch. Naturally, Ernest and the kids are victorious over Trantor in the end.

There’s a line in this movie that became a catch-phrase in our house. Taking on the personalities of different characters while planning his strategy to defeat Trantor, Ernest states emphatically, “Uh, uh, there ain’t no trees in Botswana. I know, I am a Botswanian lumberjack, and I ain’t never had a job!”

The Shining –

Based on the book by one of my favorite authors, Stephen King, this movie scared the daylights out of me! If I’m channel-surfing and run across it, I always stop and watch for at least a few minutes. It’s a must-have for any Halloween movie party.

Jack Torrance takes a job as winter caretaker of the Overlook Hotel. It’s huge, isolated, and haunted by spirits of former guests and employees. Jack is an aspiring writer, and hopes to be able to work on his book. He begins hearing and seeing the ghosts, who talk him into trying to murder his wife and psychic son.

The movie’s climactic scenes are unforgettable! Little Danny’s writing “REDRUM” across the door is chilling, but the most memorable for me is Jack breaking down the bathroom door with an axe, shouting “Here’s Johnny!” as Wendy cowers in the corner with that huge knife…(shiver).

Scream –

Right from the start, the horror and suspense of this movie is non-stop, and I hate to admit it, but I never saw the end coming! It’s an absolute must if you’re looking for the best movies to watch on Halloween.

A crazed killer wearing a black mask is terrifying the citizens of Woodsboro, a small California town. After brutally murdering Casey Becker and her boyfriend, Ghostface concentrates his efforts on Sidney Prescott, a vulnerable young girl who’s trying to cope with the recent death of her mother.

One of the things I like best about this movie is the use of the mask. After the first murders, kids are running around all over town wearing the same mask as the killer. Since you’re never sure if you’re seeing the real killer or an imposter, it makes for many edge-of-your-seat moments!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre –

If you’re searching for a terrifyingly funny movie to watch on Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre fits the bill!

Loosely based on facts about a Wisconsin serial killer named Ed Gein, this film is the story of a group of teenage kids who run into a completely insane family of cannibals while on a summer road trip.

Call it my demented sense of humor, but several elements of this movie strike me as laugh-out-loud funny. The scene where the poor old grandpa tries over and over to hit one of the girls in the head with a hammer nearly made me roll out of my seat! Ditto for Leatherface running around in the woods with his chainsaw, and the implication that unsuspecting people were buying human barbecue to eat at the store out on the highway.

Whether you prefer gory, suspenseful, light-hearted, or just plain comical, there’s a Halloween movie for you on this list. (Please be aware that some may not be suitable for young children.) So lock all the doors, turn down those lights, put on the popcorn, and have the best Halloween movie night ever!




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