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My Halloween Wedding

Published by Hector Meroney

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Halloween this year will mark my fourth anniversary. When I broke the news to my parents about getting married on Halloween, they weren’t thrilled. Over time, however, they learned about the growing trend and they grew to like the idea. My husband and I have always been the type to do things in our own way, and our wedding would be no different.

As the bride, I dressed as an angel. I wore a princess-style cream colored dress complete with a high neck and long, flowing sleeves and black and orange ribbons tied to my sides. I also wore large white angel wings. My groom wore dark clothes and large bat wings. The bridesmaids wore butterfly wings with matching dresses while the groomsmen wore matching orange shirts.

I made my bouquet myself using a black plastic jack o’ lantern, like the type used by children for trick or treating. I filled it with autumn leaves and flowers, including my favorite, the Calla Lilly.

We asked our guests to dress in costume and boy were they creative! My brother-in-law and his son dressed as my husband and I! There were witches and goblins, as well as superheroes and movie stars. For us it was a great way to get everyone involved in our special day.

We went with classic Halloween-style decorations, complete with a giant spider on the ceiling, and cobwebs draped everywhere. Our cake displayed a graveyard scene (complete with Jack and Sally from the Disney classic A Nightmare Before Christmas), and we had skeleton goblets for the traditional wedding toast.

We had a table set up to greet our guests with photos of my husband and I in frames with skulls. Our wedding book contained the same theme, as did our wedding favors.

The ceremony itself was pretty quick, as far as weddings go. We wrote our own vows and kept our rings in a musical jewelry box on a table near us. When the time came for us to present our rings to one another, we opened the jewelry box together. It played “What’s This?” from the same Disney film mentioned above. It was such a fairytale moment that we couldn’t help but smile as the people watching gasped in joy.

For music, we chose traditional Halloween songs as well as some of our favorite horror and gothic-themed songs. Our reception was more of an informal party with friends and family.

The most important thing for us was to make our special day fun for everyone involved, including us. It was not a particularly stressful event for us and we did everything our own way. It was definitely a memorable event for everyone who was there, and I know we’ll all remember it fondly.




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