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My Top Ten Halloween Movies

Published by Garrett Bruzek

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Eccentric, Raw and Uncut

Half hidden in the shadows, a killer awaits a youthful babysitter as she leaves a darkened house- these horrible images conjured up in my mind always remind me of Halloween. My favorite memories of this holiday are always the ones where I ended up watching horror movies late at night.

But, I have a hate/love relationship with the type of movies played on Halloween. I love the rerun of classic horror movies, but I also like venturing out of the generic. So I decided to compile a list of my favorite All Hallows Eve cinema. These movies are in no particular order mainly because I love, blood, guts and everything in between.

# 1 Cabin Fever- Of all the sex scenes I have seen in my life, the ones in this movie disturb me to this day. Also, don’t drink any water- you can thank me later.

# 2 Wrong Turn- If you married your father and had babies and those babies married each other, I think they would have appeared in this movie.

# 3 Masters of Horror- I know this isn’t a movie, but rather a show that came on Showtime. I have had many nightmares from certain episodes, namely Jennifer and Dance of the Dead. If you want something to paint a picture in your mind forever, watch this show and hate me later.

# 4 May- a quirky, esthetically pleasing story about a shy girl, who starts to like certain body parts on people, a little too much.

# 5 Rosemary’s Baby- This is a classic I watch whenever I want to consider getting my tubes tied.

# 6 Hocus Pocus- Sarah Jessica Parker eating spiders? Enough said.

# 7 The Ruins- I gave the book and the movie two green thumbs up!

#8 Any zombie movie or campy horror- Yes, I am speaking of Dawn of the Dead, Island of the Dead, any Dead movie, the Sleep away Camp series, Halloween (Jamie Lee Curtis) Resident Evil, I think you get the idea.

#9 Asian horror movies- you don’t need the subtitles, the visuals are enough to make you check under your own bed.

#10 Rob Zombie movies (Pre-Halloween)- His movies make horror seem like it could come from your backyard. The reality of each scene makes you lock your doors at night.



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