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My Views on Rob Zombie’s Work with Halloween

Published by Harmony Fulwiler

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I don’t care if you like him or hate him. I don’t care if you hate me after this. But these are my views on Rob Zombies Halloween

I’ve seen “House of a 1000 Corpses” “Devils Rejects” and “Rob Zombies Halloween” and I personally say they all are just 3 of the worse movies I have ever seen.

House of a 1000 corpses has to be one of the corniest movies I have ever seen. It starts out as porn, then moves to a Texas Chainsaw Massacre rip off, then really corny scenes, more porn, then you get to see “Dr. Satan” which is under a graveyard, someone escapes, and oh what a shock… They get her back. To me, this is just a really bad rip off of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I think he tried to be original by sticking a killer underground and making the family satanic.

Devils Rejects is no better. To me it was like a horror lifetime drama. The sadistic family from House of 1000 corpses tries to escape from the police, sex scenes, nudity, really corny scenes and bad acting, and then they die. — FINALLY!


Rob Zombie’s Halloween is what pushed me over the edge. I honestly don’t think Rob Zombie has ever watched a horror movie in his entire life. I think as far as he ever made it in horror movies is reading the details from the back of the box. Rob Zombie tried to claim it wasn’t a remake of Halloween; It was his “views”… His views included messing everything up and turning everything upside down. And guess who he gets to act in the movie? His really annoying and lower-than-low class wife who couldn’t act if her life depended on it. He changed the age of Myers and made him to be this little kid who enjoys killing and torturing animals then taking pictures of their corpses. His mom is a stripper and his dad is a guy who bashes him and lays on the couch 24/7. His sister is an “Easy” to be put it gentle. And kids pick on him and the school is against him, blah blah blah. Myers finally snaps and kills his sister, father, and the school bullies. Again, in the movie you see nudity and porn… I think Rob Zombie is sexually frustrated or something. Has he actually ever created anything that doesn’t include some nudity or full nudity? It’s not just about this… For some reason, all of his movies start out with this crap. I mean, I’ve seen this stuff before in other movies, but why does he have to flood his movies with it? Because he knows without it that little prepuberty striking boys wouldn’t buy it?

The movie was horrid and should have been burned when it was created.

If you want to know what is the real story behind Myers, watch the original movies… Or read the fallowing facts about the original. Just 7 that I decided to list.

1) Myers was 6 years old when he killed his sister. And ONLY his sister
—- Rob Zombie set Myers to be 10. And he didn’t just kill his sister, he also killed his father, along with his bullies from school. —-

2) Myers was cursed, not psychotic
—- Rob Zombie turned Myer’s into a psychopathic killer when in the original movies, it is explained that myers was cursed to kill off all of his family. Halloween: Curse Of Michael Myers —-

3) Myers spent 15 years in the mental hospital, never speaking, never changing his mood, and staying to himself.
—- Rob Zombie made a really sad excuse to why he changed this. “Because it wasn’t covered”… What is there really to cover about a little 6 year old sitting in a mental hospital doing nothing, saying nothing, and keeping to himself? In the original, his only remaining sister goes to see him, and what is he doing? Sitting at a window just staring out. Doing nothing more. Even his doctor made that clear. Rob Zombie decided to fix him up so he would be making masks and being more active than what he was. Even has his mom visit him. —-

4) Myers has 2 sisters. One he killed, and one who was just a few years younger than him.
— For some reason, Rob decided to make Michael’s youngest sister a baby… But when in the original, it shows his sister going to see him at the mental hospital while he is still a young boy. But Rob decided to turn all of this around so she would have no memory of him at all. —-

5) Michael’s doctor never gave up on Myers. As in never gave up on hunting him down to kill him. This doctor was a fighter and would go anywhere and do anything to stop Myers.
—- Rob Zombie turned Michael’s doctor into a weak guy who gave up easily, was scared of Myers, and was soon killed off by Myers. —-

6) Myers could not be killed. He couldn’t be stopped. He healed over time.
—- In Rob’s “view”, Myers was just this really big guy who could get hurt and killed easily. Seeing that he was killed by a gun shot to the head at the ending. —-

7) Myers was shot 6 times, he falls out the window, hits the ground and lays there… But is gone when the police show up, so starting the next movie.
—- In Rob’s “view”, Myers was shot in the head, killing him. —-

I think the person who told Rob he could make movies, should be forced to watch Rob’s movies. I mean actually tied to a chair and forced to watch his movies. Some people out there will say “I like his movies”… He rips off other movies and calls them “original”… I really REALLY wish he would never be allowed to redo movies again. But from what I heard, he is actually hoping to get his hands on another horror classic. I guess ruining one classic wasn’t good enough. And I don’t care how much he says it’s just his “views” on the movie, it’s still a REMAKE. He took the idea and the images and redid everything. This is a REMAKE.



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