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No Tricks – Good Treats for Halloween

Published by Winnifred Raridon

fast food restaurants, order a kids’ meal instead of an adult combo. Not only do you get a portion-controlled lunch, but you also get a toy to save. When it is time for Trick-or-Treat, give out the saved toys instead of candy. You don’t spend extra money on candy, plus it eliminates that added sugar temptation.

  1. Give a Treat and Help a Cause

At participating Wendy’s restaurants, you can purchase a book of 10 Junior Frosty coupons for $1.00. Kids can cash in on this treat when the sweets stash is depleted, and the Halloween Treat Books raise money for The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and Easter Seals.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween! You’ll have fun knowing your pocketbook and bathroom scale won’t be in for a scare the next day.

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