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Non-alcoholic Drinks for Your Halloween Party or Get-together

Published by Jordan Coria

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Halloween is a holiday that is ignored by some, fanatically observed by others. Whether you’re the type to create an elaborate costume and host the creepiest party in town, or the type to invite over a few friends and hand out candy whiile the kids trick-or-treat, these two recipes will be crowd pleasers in entirely different ways. Look to the first for a tasty yet creepy treat, and to the second for a warming late night brew.

Blood Punch:

Freeze cranberry-apple juice (or some similar-colored juice), mixed with a little milk for cloudiness, in ice cube trays for “blood ice cubes”. Freeze plastic spiders and insects inside, if desired- only for adults or older children (choking hazard). This is a fun one for before trick-or-treating or for themed parties.
Add to punch, as below:

1 can raspberry lemonade concentrate
1 can limeade concentrate
2 cans strawberry or raspberry juice concentrate
3 cans sparkling water
Mix all ingredients, add fresh water until punch reaches the desired strength. Add ice cubes.

Hot Spiced Cider:

There’s nothing like hot cider to take the chill out of a cold and creepy Halloween. Feed this to kids when they return from trick-or-treating, or serve hot after dinner as a relaxing end to the meal. This is a great one for warming everyone up.

1 gallon apple cider, preferably the farm-fresh type (thicker, brown) and not the factory-bottled grocery-store variety
8 fresh cinnamon sticks
2 tsp freshly grated nutmeg
20 fresh cloves.
Juice of one orange
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Heat cider to simmer, add all ingredients, simmer until fragrant. Check kids’ cups for cinnamon sticks and cloves before serving.

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