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One Very Unexpected Halloween Nightmare

Published by Kristen Andras

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It had been two months since my 16th birthday when Halloween rolled around. I always enjoyed this particular holiday. The costumes, the candy, the scary stories, I loved it all. But, most of all I loved handing out Halloween candy with my family. It was a tradition that we had participated in since I was old enough to walk. It really was a bonding thing that brought the family together. This particular Halloween I was having a great time, handing out miniature snickers bars and kitkats to the little ghosts, witches, and vampires that scampered across our lawn all evening.

After giving a handful of chocolate to a pint sized bumblebee, a group of what looked like teenagers approached the front door, all wearing masks. I eagerly answered the door, but these trick or treaters were not looking for candy. Without saying a word, they grabbed me and pulled a black bag over my head, while one of them threw me over their shoulder and began to run. I kicked and thrashed and begged them to let me go, but all I could hear was laughter and the sound of a car starting. They threw me in the back seat, slammed the door and started to drive. While we drove, all I could hear was the sound of the radio playing remnants of the Monster Mash between songs. I began to tear up because I feared I would never see my family again. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me on one of my favorite holidays.

We kept driving, and the further we drove, the more I feared my life. We drove for what seemed like an eternity, when the car stopped abruptly and I was pulled out of the back seat. They yelled for me to get out of the car. I did the best I could with the bag over my head and I ran awkwardly while one of them pushed me from behind and led me indoors. When they took the bag off of my head, I couldn’t even look at my captors. A deep voice commanded me, “Stop crying.” I did my best, but considering the situation, all I could do was be afraid. When I finally settled down enough to look up, my jaw dropped. I found that I was back in my own living room with my parents and my best friends smiling back at me. It turns out the whole thing was just a Halloween joke. It also turns out that I will never be able to look at another masked face ever again.



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