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Organic Halloween Candies

Published by Jannette Piedigrossi

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So Long Black and Orange, Hello Green

Let’s face it; as good as it is, candy is NOT good for you. I once heard a man say that “everything that is good for you tastes bad, and everything that is bad for you tastes good.” That is not the case anymore. Thanks to some organic food companies, there may be a healthy (and tasty) alternative to those unhealthy Halloween candies that we have to give out in less than a month. Here are my top five picks for organic Halloween candies:

  1. Pure Fun candy mix–Naturalcandystore.com offers an organic trick-or-treat candy mix. The mix contains 100 pieces of Pure Fun candy. The bag contains a mixture of fruit lollipops, root beer float candy, raspberry chocolate filled candy, and cinnamon rocks. This kosher candy has the USDA logo on each wrapper, so parents will know that this candy is healthy for their children.
  2. Organic Milk Chocolate Bug Bites–This candy is a must have for Halloween! This candy is healthy, tasty, and SCARY! For $32, you can get a box of 64 milk chocolate candies. Milk chocolate bug bites are certified Kosher by Orthodox Union and organic by the USDA. The box has information about endangered animals as well as Endangered Species Chocolate’s story and mission. Easy piece of candy also contains an informational card about an insect.
  3. Yummy Earth Organic Pops–These organic lollipops are vegan and gluten free! This is also the cheapest organic candy on my list. For $6, you can receive a bucket of thirty lollipops. Yummy Earth offers five different flavors of these yummy lollipops. The pops come in Cheeky Lemon, Pomegranate Pucker, Wet-Face Watermelon, Orange Squeeze, and Razzmatazz Berry.
  4. Fair Trade Trick-or-Treat Kit–This adorable Halloween kit contains forty pieces of dark chocolate minis, postcards, party streamers, eco-friendly bags, and a “boo-tiful” poster. For more info., go to globalexchangestore.com.
  5. Hershey–For those of you who do not have time to track down some organic candy, you can make a healthier choice just by visiting your local supermarket. The Hershey company offers many types of gluten-free candies.





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