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Organizing a Halloween Party and Food Drive

Published by Nena Shankin

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As the cool days of autumn begin to descend upon up, our thoughts often turn to ghoulish pranks, spooky parties and, of course, trick-or-treat. Because it is approximately a month before Thanksgiving, Halloween can be an ideal time to organize a food drive for your local food pantry or community shelter. By collecting the food at Halloween, you or your organization will be able to distribute the non-perishable items well in advance of the upcoming holidays. Furthermore, Halloween provides an terrific opportunity to get lots of people involved. By combining your food drive with a great Halloween party, you can maximize the impact of your food drive while simultaneously providing great entertainment for your friends and neighbors!

If you are interested in organizing a Halloween food drive, be sure to start your preparations well in advance of Halloween. Late September is actually an excellent time to start your preparations and to get the word out about your event. Prepare the invitations to your Halloween party for distribution, being sure to note on the invitation that the admission to your Halloween party will be a donation of two or three non-perishable food items. On the invitation, be sure to note the organization to which you will be donating the food items. Be sure to distribute flyers well in advance of the party so that your friends and neighbors will know to save the date. You will also want to make sure that your party does not conflict with your neighborhood trick-or-treat. For large scale parties, be sure that the location of your party will accommodate all of invited guests.

Although a Halloween party should be incentive enough to draw a crowd, you may want to add special events and prizes such as costume contests, apple bobbing or other Halloween festivities. If you organize a large enough community event, you may be able to find local businesses willing to donate prizes such as gift certificates or merchandise in order to lend their support to your charitable food drive. As you contact these local businesses, be sure to point out that they will get some free advertising out of the deal as well.

After organizing your invitations, location and prizes, be sure to plan for games and activities for children along with refreshments for your guests. Party supply stores can be excellent sources for decorations and creative party ideas as you finalize your preparations. This Halloween, try something different and organize a fun and creative Halloween ‘food drive party’ in your community!



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