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Politics of 2016 in a Halloween Mask

Published by Joanie Cosimini

Obama Vinyl Mask, available at $19.99 with $.99 shipping for purchases over $65. This mask is 100 percent vinyl rubber, full color, and an accurate representation of the 44th president of the U.S. One size usually fits most adults. Obama’s similing face mask is a goofy but loveable one. Be sure to wear an American flag pin on the dress suit lapel.

2. John McCain: At buycostumes.com, McCain Mask, for $16.99 also with $.99 shipping for purchases over $65. Orders placed before 4PM CDT ship the same day. This mask offers amazing details for an excellent rendition of the Republican Senator from Arizona and former presidential running mate. McCain’s white hair, dark eyebrows, and wrinkles are simple touches for a realistic mask. His facial expression is half smile while deep in thought.

3. George W. Bush: At costumecraze.com,Bush Costume Mask, is found for $15.96 plus shipping. The mask is made from vinyl with a removable inside liner. It is a realistic mask of the former U.S. President. The face has slightly crossed eyes complimenting his comb over. His nose also perfectly mirrors his actual nose. Do not forget to wear the staple American flag pin on the dress suit lapel.

4. Bernie Madoff: At anytimecostumes.com, Mr. Ponzi, is available for $29.99 plus shipping. One size fits most adults. This over the head mask is full color vinyl. With deep-set wrinkles, his face is skewed for an eerie, twisted look. Laughing and downward pointing eyes shows he has no remorse. Pair this mask with a prisoner jumpsuit costume for additional humor in his 150-year jail sentence.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger: At costumecraze.com, Schwarzenegger Costume Mask, costs $19.95 plus shipping. The governor of California is depicted perfectly with a full color vinyl mask with a removable inside liner. The Arnold Grin” is unmistakable on this mask. His forehead creases and huge teeth accent his laugh perfectly.

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