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Primal Elements Halloween Soaps by the Slice

Published by Esperanza Derosa

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Take Your Halloween Celebration into the Shower with You!

Primal Elements Soaps are a real treat for the eyes – and the nose! They are made by hand using essential oils and vegetable glycerin, resulting in a soap that lathers beautifully and rinses clean, leaving your skin soft and smooth. What is most intriguing about these soaps are the sizes and varieties available. You can buy them in a 6.8 ounce, individually wrapped bar, or in a nearly 5 pound loaf that measures 4 ¼ by 11 inches, which you can cut into any size that suits you. This article will discuss my favorite Primal Elements Soaps, the Halloween collection. These are the only soaps made just for Halloween that I know of, and they are beautiful to look at, wonderful to smell, and so much fun to use! Kids adore these seasonal soaps! Why not celebrate Halloween in the shower, too?

Seven different soaps make up this collection. The first, called Bats, is a vivid orange soap with a yellow base, decorated with a trio of black bats of various sizes. Five different citrus oils are blended together in this soap to create a tangy, rejuvenating scent that will help to get you going in the morning and also aids in toning the skin.

Ghoul Friend is a pretty dark blue soap with sparkles in it, I suppose to simulate a starry night sky. The bar is decorated with a cute little white ghost, and has a delicious fruity scent.

Haunted House is a delightful, bright blue soap bar decorated with a peach colored house with a green door, roof and chimney. Five white ghosts hover around the house. This is my favorite of the seven soaps. It has a very clean, fresh scent which lasts for several hours after a shower. Be prepared for a rich lather when using this soap!

Jack is a perfectly shaped Jack-o-Lantern soap. It is orange in color, of course, with a green stem and yellow eyes, nose, and smiling snaggle-toothed mouth. It has a light mango scent and also a sort of a spicy scent as well which reminds me of pumpkin pie. What a wonderfully seasonal smell to enjoy on a daily basis in the fall!

Pumpkin Patch is my second favorite Primal Elements Halloween soap. It truly smells good enough to eat! Your nose will smile when it catches a whiff of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove mixed with a snappy citrus aroma. This soap has a pretty dark beige background, and is decorated with an array of small orange pumpkins.

Skull and Bones is a lovely dark blue decorated with a skull and crossbones. The young pirate in your life will thank you when he discovers this in the shower! Deliciously scented with caramel and vanilla, this long lasting soap smells like Halloween and fall.

Winterfall can be used before Halloween, and on into the Thanksgiving season. A bright white bar decorated with autumn leaves and acorns, it is almost too pretty to use, but don’t let that stop you! It smells like a walk in the autumn woods, very manly, yet well suited for anyone in the family.

Primal Elements Soaps range in price from $8.50 for a “slice” or bar, to $65.95 for an entire loaf of soap. They are worth every penny!

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