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Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2: Review

Published by Kamilah Kudrle

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Dear Rob Zombie,

What happened? You started out so strongly with your remake of Halloween, you said you wouldn’t make a sequel, yet here we are, with a sequel. Please, please don’t make a third.

Yeah, that’s a little over dramatic and I do realize that I’m not directly speaking to him, but it kind of sums up what I thought of Zombie’s sequel to 2016’s Halloween. Now, I’m not about to completely bash what he’s done with this film. It does have its good points, and I can appreciate Mr. Zombie going and doing his own thing, but maybe he should have kept these ideas under his hat.

Halloween 2 picks up where the first left off, with Laurie Strode shooting Michael in the head, forever ending his reign-o-terror. Right? Wrong, as with many slasher psychopaths, Myers survives and again, sets off after his sister Laurie once more. The story fast forwards a year and we find that Laurie is having major problems coming to terms with what happened Halloween night one year earlier and of course with Michael surviving and on the run once more, chaos ensues.

The premise could have worked, it really could have, but most of it felt kind of pointless. Sherri Moon returns as Deborah Myers… in ghost form who talks to her beloved son and tells him his prime objective. Fine, but, we already know Michael is a wee bit loopy, and could have possibly done without the “ghostly” visions he kept seeing. Maybe it was just an excuse to use Sherri Moon in Zombie’s latest big screen adventure. In addition to his mother, we see (well Michael sees) a ghostly younger version of himself. No, Daeg Faerch did not return due to a growth spurt, instead he is replaced by Chase Wright Vanek, who for some reason just does not feel right in the part. The other character that really went off the chart was Dr. Loomis. A totally different person compared to the first movie, he uses the events of the last film and personal knowledge of Michael as a way to cash in with a new book. He seems determined to accomplish this through the duration of the film, by why? Why the drastic change in characterization? Halloween 2 does have its moments however, where for a second, you feel that the film is about to redeem itself, but then falls short. You kind of wonder why certain things are happening, and by the end, possibly feel a little confused.

Maybe even a little sick (if motion sickness strikes you while watching movies on the big screen, it didn’t for me but you never know). Zombie seems to like the shaky cam perspective, and it shows a lot with this film. I hate to say this, but I usually like seeing what’s going in the scene instead of trying to figure it out. So now, we move on to what I actually liked about this latest iteration of the Halloween franchise. Well as earlier mentioned, I give Rob Zombie major props for using his own ideas instead of following the formula of an original movie. Zombie seems to have an eye for making raw and gritty looking movies, and this works well with Halloween 2, it gives it a “’70s Slasher” feel to it. Acting was quite well in this film, you feel for the characters, or you hate how much of a prick they’ve become in the year since the events of the first film (IE. Loomis) All in all, I think this is probably left as a rent title for those “stay at home” nights, which is a shame seeing as Zombie started this franchise so strongly with his remake. Next time you say you’re not going to do a sequel; you should possibly stick to your word.



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