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Rob Zombie’s “Halloween”: Movie Trailer Now Available

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Staunch fans of the original Halloween needn’t fear about a cheesy remake. One viewing of the trailer will kill all notions.

“Inside every one of us, there exists a dark side,” begins the trailer, “Most people rise above it, but some are consumed by it.”

Quick clips of a young Michael Myers reveal a disturbed youth in middle-class surroundings. With a clown mask over his face, we witness the first kill of the movie.

Zombie told Launch earlier this year that he wanted to further explore the masked murderer’s motivations. “The biggest difference is I wanna make Michael Myers two things,” he said. “I wanna make him a lead character who you sort of know about, ’cause I think that’s what it’ll take to make that character then again truly terrifying. So in order, in my mind, to pump the life back into him, to make that figure terrifying when he appears onscreen, is you need to know what is happening in his brain.”

In March there was much speculation to whether or not Zombie would use the original theme song. As a multi-platinum solo artist and former frontman for White Zombie, the question was more than legitimate. Alas, Zombie has met everyone half way. As heard in the trailer, the notes are familiar, but their presentation has been “Zombified”.

Mtv asked Zombie, ” Talk about the plot of John Carpenter’s 1978 classic versus the plot of your “re-imagining.”

” The plot is so simple [in the original]; it’s this young kid Michael Myers,” said Zombie. “We’ve changed it a bit – in the original, he kills his sister; then he’s sent to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, which he later escapes from as an adult; comes home and starts randomly killing babysitters. Later, in sequels, they made [his back story] more significant – but in the first one, it’s pretty random … I’ve added a lot more to it, and I’ve tried to make everything he did be motivated and justified in some way, so it’s never random killing for no reason. There’s a reason for everything.”

Casting notables include Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange / Caligola) as Doctor Loomis, Brad Dourif (HBO’s Deadwood) as Sheriff Leigh Brackett and William Forsythe (The Devil’s Rejects and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo) as Ronnie White.

Sheri Moon, Zombie’s wife, who has appeared in all of his movies, has been cast as Deborah Myers.

In addition to the film, Zombie has been keeping busy with preparations of a new solo live album and a White Zombie boxed set.

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