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Rob Zombie’s Halloween Trivia

Published by Kareem Wycoff

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Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake has been doing well in theaters – many of you have probably seen it by now. But do you know everything about the film? (Hint: you may consider some of the trivia “spoilers”.)

Dimension Studios once considered making a crossover with Hellraiser main character Pinhead. The studio conducted an online poll and response was very negative so the Hellraiser and Halloween crossover idea was dropped.

At the Haddonfield 25 Fan Convention, Moustapha Akkad held a drawing to award a walk-on role in Halloween. Heather Bowen won after becoming a finalist on the film’s website.

Moustapha Akkad, who produced the previous Halloween films, died in the terrorist attacks in Jordan in 2016. The untimely death delayed production of the film.
Dimension Studios almost went with a project much different from Rob Zombie’s version – Halloween: The Missing Years. The prequel would have covered Michael Myers time at the asylum.

Danielle Harris played Laurie Strode’s daughter Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 and Halloween 5. She returned for the Halloween remake as seventeen-year-old Annie Brackett even though the actress is pushing 30.

When Harris’ character is attacked in the film, she is topless. An alternate version, in which she has a top on, had to be shot for the film’s trailer.

The clown mask that Michael wears as a boy in the remake is the design originally considered for the original Halloween in 1978.

Rob Zombie has said that this film is not a remake or a prequel, that it is a “reimagining”. He intended the film to be a prequel and somewhat of a remake, with more original elements than remake.

New elements of Halloween include things like an explanation of why Michael Myers wears a mask as an adult. When in they asylum, he made numerous masks and refused to speak to anyone. An explanation is also offered for why Laurie Strode ended up with a family completely removed from the Myers family. The first responding officer at the original murders did not want baby Laurie to grow up as “Michael’s sister” so he faked her disappearance and took her to a hospital. From there she was adopted.

John Carpenter was apparently supportive of the new Halloween project. He told Rob Zombie to go for it and make it his own.

For big fans, actual props, costumes and other memorabilia from the Halloween remake can be purchased online. Premiereprops offers memorabilia from this film and many others.




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