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Scariest Halloween at the Drive-In

Published by Krista Rathmanner

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My scariest Halloween memory happened over twenty years ago. I was a freshman at an all girls’ Catholic high school. My brother was a senior at an all boys’ Catholic high school. It was Halloween night and we were triple dating in a convertible. I was going with my first high school boyfriend. Here we sat with the top down in the convertible on Halloween night waiting for the moving to begin.

The air was tense all around us, because this was no ordinary film. We had all come on Halloween night to see the premier showing of Halloween. I am talking about the first of the successful series. Prior to this in our generation there was no film that compared to Psycho.

As we waited I wondered if I had made the right decision in coming. I felt like a target for something bad to happen as I sat in the car. The movie started it did not take long for the killing to begin. In a twisted situation a six-year old brother kills his fifteen year old sister as a means of revenge for having sex with her boyfriend. This was enough to get my skin crawling.

Fifteen years later when he escapes and finds a white mask to wear as he returns to his hometown to kill again, the sense of foreboding is building. I feel like a sitting duck in the open drive-in. Sitting in a convertible no less out in the open feeling this insane character could be prowling after me.

As he stalked the high school girls and they walked straight into his trap to meet their death, I wanted to yell, “Run, go back!!” I was completely scared by the end of the film especially since Michael Myers was still out there!


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