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Scary Halloween Stories

Published by Lamar Buker

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I grew up in a normal Midwestern family. Where we went to church every Sunday and Wednesday night, I don’t remember ever being forced to go. My Dad was a laymen in the church, it was the church he had been raised in and where he raised all five of his children. When I was twelve Our Pastor asked my Father to come on staff. So he left the family business to go into the Ministry full time. I guess I say all this to set up our past, our history. I believe that it is people who believe strongly in the super natural I.E: God, Satan, Angels,Demons, are susceptible to things that can not be explained.

As far back as I can remember there have been stories told in my family that one might think made up, but I know that they are not. One of which is a ghost story both my parents have told me about a house that they lived in before I was born. They did however have their first 3 children. This story when told right, will bring goosebumps to any critic. It has kept friends of mine up at night. It started many years ago, when as a boy my father had lived in a house on Sheppard Street. Then many years later, when my parents married they moved into it, and started to notice some things that were not quite right. Such as things flying off of counters, pictures flying across the room. I guess the stories had gotten around and Dad had offered to pay my Uncle (who was in high school) and his friends $20.00 if they could stay all night in the basement. Needless to say… it never happened. This same Uncle a few years later came to the house for lunch, my parents were not home so he was making soup for himself. When all of a sudden out of nowhere the spoon he was stirring the soup with, flew across the room and hit the wall. He ran out of the house leaving the front door wide open.

The scariest story would have to be the one when one night as my Parents lay sleeping, my Father woke to the sound of a baby crying, (which in a house where there are children wouldn’t be an uncommon thing) But what got the hairs on his neck standing, was when he heard a women humming to the baby and the sound of a rocking chair rocking back and forth, back and forth. Without looking over, he got out of bed to see if maybe my Mother had gotten up with my brother, and was trying to get him back to sleep. So he went to the door to check and as soon as it is opened, there is silence. By now he thought he was dreaming or imaging things, so he went back to bed. A minute later the baby starts crying and the humming and rocking start again. So now he knows he heard what he thought he heard, and he jumps out of bed… silence again. He finally leans over to wake my Mother, and she heard the same thing. This happens more than once over the years.

Finally, the Story of Frank. Frank was my oldest sister’s imaginary friend, or so they thought. Lavonne was three and three year old’s have imaginary friends. Three year old’s however do not usually know the names of former owners of the house they are now living in. And my parents didn’t either.. Until one day my parents were telling the story of Lavonne and her imaginary friend Frank, whom she talks to all the time in her closet. I am not positive how the story goes but it is something like this. Lavonne tells my parents of Frank’s last name being Updike, and when they were retelling this story to other family members they recall a Frank Updike who used to live in their house. And who once before he sold it, tried to hang himself but was caught and shortly thereafter he had moved. After moving into his new home he had succeeded in hanging himself in his garage. After that, Lavonne talking with Frank took on a whole new meaning.

The creepy weird thing is we don’t believe in ghost’s per-say, we believe that once you are dead you go to Heaven or Hell. You don’t linger around the earth haunting people or things. I do however believe in demons, and demons have been around since the beginning of time. So I think what people actually see is a demon, who has taking on a form of someone who was here on earth at one time.

I could go one and tell a few more tells, but I think these are enough for now.. Good and scary and just in time for Halloween.

Interesting side note. No harm had even come to anyone in my family while they lived there, we believe it is because they always prayed for protection. Unfortunately, the family who bought the house after ours did have a few scary occurrences. One of which was a child of being shoved down the stairs, breaking a leg during the fall. Might I also say at the time, only the Mother and child were home, she was downstairs ironing when it happened and saw how his chest flew forward the way it would when being pushed from behind.

Author/Artist- Leslie Caverson
Title Page- Scary Halloween Stories



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