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Shocking Events that Happened on Halloween

Published by Wilford Witvoet

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Halloween is considered as the darkest time of the year. Furthermore, Halloween is known as the celebration of death, as this time is famous for human sacrifice. Legend says that during this time of the year, there are attempts to open the doors to the underworld, allowing the entry of demons to our world. Here are some events that are said to have transpired on Halloween. Some of these could be real, while some could be just myths.

The Church of Satan

Anton LaVey, founder of church of Satan in the year 1966 died at the age of 67. The shocking part about his death certificate states that he died on Halloween morning.

Halloween Campus Murder

There have been rumors of urban legends and university campus murders all around the states. Reality or rumor, no one knows. The weapon stated by a psychic will be a butcher’s knife or an axe. The number of victims will be 10-18 and this will begin with a female student.

Candy Murders

There have been myths about the possibility of poisoned candies. Recently, a five-year-old kid ate some candy laced with drugs. An investigation later revealed the involvement of the boy’s uncle. In 1970’s a boy died of cyanide poisoning after having a Halloween treat. Experts say that not one murder took place due to a Halloween murdered. However, parents are being cautious about so much happening around them.

Haunting during Halloween

The Vanderbilt Tomb is one of the scariest places to visit during Halloween. The Sprague mansion in Cranston is perhaps one of America’s most haunted places. Photographs of the mansion have shown weird things and people have seen shadows of something eerie. The RI Paranormal research group also confirmed something strange about the mansion. The mansion prowls with abnormalities during Halloween.

There have been instances of animal sacrifices where pets are tortured and killed. According to Tom Sanguinet, a former high priest, Halloween is a time when spirits are at their peak powers. This is the time when they visit earth. It has a strong support when it comes to paganism and witchcraft. It is the day of death and signifies the time when people and animals screamed in pain and were burnt to death.

With all said, there has been no scientific proof of any happening until date that proves these myths is true. Therefore, what do you think about these shocking things? Is it just a coincidence or or a paranormal occurrence?

Article Resource: Leslie Bautista


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