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Skeleton Pumpkin Halloween Planter

Published by Sunshine Wild

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Spooky Pumpkin Centerpiece

White paint (optional)
Sharp knife
Black marker (optional)
Flowers (optional)

Decorate with pumpkins for Halloween? Sure. Paint them to make them look more interesting? Of course. Turn one into a planter centerpiece? Why not. So, we’re ready to make a beautiful pumpkin centerpiece, right? Wrong! Let’s do something a little different this year and get rid of the pretty pumpkin centerpiece – it’s been done to death! What will really get people’s heads turning is a scary skeleton pumpkin planter. It can be the food table centerpiece, a porch accent, or even the head of your Halloween costume.

I’m like many people in that I love the look of a gold painted pumpkin, or a cutesy jack-o-lantern for Halloween. But don’t you sometimes like to go radical and produce a scary Halloween decoration instead of a funny or sweet one? I know, you’re going to tell me about that hideous door cover that you display every year – it’s quite frightening. Or, you’ll explain how you make fake body parts and throw them around the yard. You’re right; that’s disturbing and perfect for Halloween. But admit it: you never make scary planters, right? Well, this year you can, and you’re going to want to do it again next year!

When you choose a small pumpkin to use for the unusual planter you’ll do to it what you do to most pumpkin projects. Cut the top off, scoop out the innards, and for a planter, go ahead and throw the top away. If you prefer the pumpkin to not be a planter you might want to keep the top. If the pumpkin will be a Halloween mask cut the bottom out and leave the top intact.

Paint the pumpkin with white paint (optional); it might take two or more coats to get full coverage. However, you could prefer the look of an old skeleton, made by painting just a thin coat of white paint over the orange pumpkin. Cut out two round eye holes, a triangular nose, and a thin, eerie smile. Cut slits vertically on the mouth to create the look of stitches. Alternatively, you can draw the facial features on with a black marker (do the cutouts for the mask version).

Create a fall-theme flower arrangement inside the pumpkin. Or, just set the jack-o-lantern outside somewhere, without flowers. Create one small skeleton, and set it on a shelf, or craft a family of them, and parade them down porch steps. The pumpkins are quite spooky and so appropriate for Halloween. Save the pretty, cute, and adorable crafts for another holiday!



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