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Solutions for Leftover Halloween Candy

Published by Nadia Bickham

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While trick-or-treating for candy is fun, and indulging for a few days on your rewards is even better, your kids may find themselves stuck in a permanent food coma soon enough.

Even if you and the kids love Twix and Snickers candy bars, you have to admit that they will likely get old. So what can you do with all that left over candy to switch up the same old candy bar and finally get the stuff out of the house?

The best part is that some of these recipes will help you limit the amount of candy your kids do eat if planned ahead of time. Make an index card for each idea and plan to make one recipe a week.

When the kids are done trick-or-treating and you have checked the candy for safety, let the kids put the candy needed to make the recipe into a large, freezer safe bag along with the index card.

That candy will be stored away and scheduled to be taken out of the freezer on a particular week- giving the kids something to look forward to and limiting the candy they can immediately eat.

1) Add left over M&Ms to your next Rice Krispies treat batch to add some chocolate.

2) Make a gingerbread house with the kids during Thanksgiving break to get in the Christmas spirit.

3) Let the kid’s imaginations run wild and have them make their idea of what the witch’s house in Hansel and Gretel looked like.

4) Cut up candy bars and add the pieces to ice cream for an extra special treat on special days. You can also do this with cookies, pudding, fudge etc.

5) Use the candy to decorate birthday cakes if you have the skill. Reese’s cups make great sunflower centers.

6) Hide little bags of candy around the house for a treasure hunt on raining/snowy days. This is an easy way to keep the kids occupied when they can’t go outside, but be sure to not let them eat too much and get a sugar high!

7) Use the candy in gift bags for an upcoming birthday- if you don’t have one in your family, see if the neighbors can use it.

8) Last, if you don’t want the candy in the house, make it a learning experience for the kids and donate it to families in need. Most schools have donation drives during the holiday season.

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