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Spooktacular Halloween Ideas

Published by Lolita Terra

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Halloween is my favorite holiday- even before Christmas. I love the chill in the air, the leaves turning colors and making huge piles on everyone’s yard. I love the back to school shopping with fresh new pencils and a new size of clothes and shoes. When I was a child Halloween brought many celebrations and parades at school. Today, Halloween is not celebrated at our schools. Kids no longer roam the neighborhoods until well after dark trying to obtain the largest pillow case of candy.

Even though times have changed, there are still many wonderful and safe things you can do with your families. From going to the malls, haunted houses, corn mazes, cider festivals and throwing your own bash, Halloween can still be appreciated and create many fond memories for your own children.

All my parties, (and I had one every year on Halloween) were inspired by the many articles and recipes I perused in the magazines I found while in the check out aisle of the grocery store. I never had to come up with something of my own, because someone else had always discovered some new way to take a cookie and make it into a bat, or carve a pumpkin into some wild design. You can still find wonderful ideas all over the grocery store and web to make your Halloween memorable.

Attached you will find some of my favorite sites to check for great ideas and recipes. Take a look and see for yourself. Have a great and safe Holiday!




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