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Spooky Halloween Window Designs

Published by Julie Averbeck

coloring book pages or other sources to create a window design of a black cat, a witch on a broom or another image. Draw large designs on huge cardboard pieces to cover great big windows. Or, create a small design that’s perfect for a very small window. Designs you can choose from include cauldrons, brooms, ghosts, bats, spiders and other Halloween-theme images. Make the window design one large ghoul or make small images that combine to form one large picture. After drawing the scene you want onto the cardboard you’ll then cut the images out with a craft knife.

After you’ve cut all the designs out you then have several options for your final window design. You can use the cardboard, as-is, and tape it in front of a window. The project makes the best impression if you use a piece of cardboard to cover the entire window rather than making a design that only covers one pane of the window. Use masking tape to hold the cardboard to the window. At night, light from the room will shine through the shapes and cast the eerie designs through the window. To create a nicer look for daytime paint the side of the cardboard that faces outside black.

Another choice is to cover the back of the cardboard with orange tissue paper. Simply tape the paper over the backside – or over just the images – and the light shining through will then be orange. The orange pumpkins, cauldrons or other designs will take on a whole different appearance from afar. Trick-or-treaters will get the whole eerie experience when they come to your door!

If you don’t really want people inside the house to see a large piece of cardboard with pieces of orange tissue paper covering it make a design which looks different on the inside than it does on the outside. Cut the designs you want, cover the entire back with orange tissue paper, then glue on letters to spell “Happy Halloween”. Or, cover the orange tissue paper with stickers of bats, spiders and other creepy crawlies. You can even use black tape to create a border around the tissue paper, then stick Halloween photos inside the border.

You don’t necessarily have to choose only between the cutouts and the cutouts with orange backing. You can use white cardboard, cut out images, then tape black tissue paper to the backside. The black design is great for bats, cauldrons, cat silhouettes, Draculas and more.

You can use other materials besides cardboard to make different window designs. For example, you can cut images out of black felt or fabric, then stretch the material over the window. Tissue paper can be taped to the backside of the material to create the orange look. To hide the orange paper from those inside the house another piece of black felt or fabric can be hung, with the tissue paper in between the two fabric pieces.

If you simply have no way to cut the various images out of the cardboard you can use a different technique to create window designs for Halloween. Simply draw bats, witches, ghouls and other images onto white cardboard. Color them in with magic markers or paints. The cardboard can be white, originally, or you can paint it. Kids can even use Halloween-theme stickers to embellish the scene.

It’s fun to decorate your house for Halloween but many people simply don’t have the money for fancy decor. With this project all you need is a piece of cardboard to create any number of eerie window scenes that will impress onlookers. Since the craft is so cheap and easy to do you’ll want to make one for every window in your house.

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