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Ten Greatest Songs for Halloween

Published by Marisa Coen

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Whether hosting a costume party or just enjoying music with a spooky theme, these songs belong on nearly everyone’s Halloween CD. The selection ranges from classic to modern, from eerie to fun, beginning with…

  1. Halloween Theme: This classic theme song from the famous horror movie adds that perfectly creepy element to this holiday. No Halloween or costume party could go without it.
  2. Ghostbusters Theme: Sure, the guitar riff in this song sounds suspiciously similar to another song released earlier the same year. But who really cares when everyone enjoys singing along to these lyrics?
  3. Monster Mash: This song has survived decades for a reason. It serves as a fun staple for every Halloween party.
  4. I Put a Spell on You: I personally prefer the Bette Midler version from Hocus Pocus. I grew up with this family-friendly Halloween film, which is a favorite around this time of year.
  5. Thriller: This list could not possibly be complete without Michael Jackson’s most famous hit. Even better than the song itself is the lengthy music video with its werewolf theme.
  6. House of 1000 Corpses: Rob Zombie created this more modern song for the soundtrack of the movie by the same name. Although less kid-friendly, it really captures the horror theme via lyrics that describe cannibalism that adults can use at their Halloween parties.
  7. Sweet Dreams: Marilyn Manson offers an awesome rendition of this ’80s hit that makes it super spooky. Such movies as House on Haunted Hill and Gamer feature this song on their soundtracks.
  8. Voodoo: I remember first hearing this Godsmack song during the end credits of the MTV series Fear. It has an eerie tone and rhythm with lyrics that suit it well for Halloween.
  9. Avoid the Light: This Pantera song features powerful vocals and an amazing guitar solo. It was created for the Dracula 2016 soundtrack and, therefore, contains vampire-themed lyrics.
  10. Forsaken: This song was written for the Queen of the Damned soundtrack with, once again, vampire-themed lyrics. It also contains strong vocals and a great sound for celebrating this holiday.

Plenty of other songs could have made this list, but the above made it into the top ten. On the other hand, if burning a mixed CD for Halloween, then plenty of space would still be left for more. Honorable mentions include Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” the X-Files theme song, and Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.”



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