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Ten Ideas for a Romantic Halloween

Published by Marisa Coen

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The scariest night of the year is not usually associated with romance. But Halloween’s traditional elements of mystery, magic, and hidden excitements and passions are also the essentials that can turn fright night into a sizzling night of romance. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Set up your home for Halloween romance
    Decorate your house so that it celebrates the magic of Halloween, and contributes to the mystery of romance. Turn off the lights, and let flickering candlelight guide your way throughout the house. Decorate tables with orange and purple flowers, and place small, carved pumpkins on top of cabinets and tables.
  2. Cook a romantic dinner
    Cook a warm and intimate Halloween dinner together, using all of the great foods of the season. Make a delicious pumpkin soup, enjoy succulent roasted chicken with fragrant rosemary potatoes, or treat each other to chocolate candies for dessert.
  3. Enjoy a scary movie
    Watching a frightening movie together is a great excuse to grab a warm blanket, and cuddle together on the couch. Every time a scary moment happens, you both have an excuse to grab and hold one another!
  4. Surprise each other with gifts
    Thoughtful, unexpected gestures are always appreciated and surprising one another with gifts can turn up the romance. Men can give their special ladies gifts of candles and aromatherapy oils, adding to the Halloween ambiance. Ladies can give their men a gift basket filled with sexy lingerie for you and silk underwear for him, as well as other bedroom toys that promise a night of adventure!
  5. Costumed Strangers
    Instead of simply going out to another costume party together, why not add another layer of mystery? Don’t tell each other about your costumes. Go separately to the costume party, and see if you can spot and find each other – pretend that you are truly two strangers meeting and discovering one another for the first time.
  6. Bedroom Costume Party
    Costumes can help to carry out fantasies in the bedroom as well. Halloween is the night for exploring and bringing your hidden passions to life!
  7. Hay Ride
    Grab a bottle of wine and head for the local hay ride. Enjoying a ride under the fall moon with your loved one is sure to heat up the night!
  8. Rural Bed and Breakfast
    Find a bed and breakfast in a rural, isolated area, and hole up inside for the night to enjoy some wicked night festivities in a spooky location.
  9. Haunted House
    For a great night of fun, grab your partner and head out to the local haunted house. A scary date night as you hold each other’s hands can be exhilarating.
  10. Midnight Picnic
    Pack up some romantic finger foods, and head out to the woods or near a graveyard, and have a midnight picnic on a soft blanket under the stars and moon. Feeding one another as you cuddle together underneath the open sky will easily help you get through the spookiest night of the year!



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