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Ten Tips for Chaperoning a Halloween Party

Published by Nena Shankin

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Ten Tips for Chaperoning a Halloween Party – Halloween is a time for some scary fun. Parents want to keep kids safe without ruining their night. Here are ten tips for chaperoning a Halloween party for your kids.

  1. Limit the number of kids at the Halloween party.Keep the number of Halloween party goers in your home to fifteen or less.
  2. Check everyone at the door.Kids think it is funny to sneak things into a party. Alcohol, weapons, or incendiary devices don’t mix at a Halloween party. Write down the name of each Halloween party guest and their home phone numbers.
  3. Keep any candles out of reach.Dancing kids can knock over candles and start a fire. If candles set the mood for the Halloween party, place them on mantles or in holders.
  4. Consult your insurance company.Accidents do happen. Check with your insurance agent to see if any mishaps will be covered when you are hosting a Halloween party.
  5. Enlist help from other chaperones.Parents will want to keep an eye on their kids without being intrusive. Ask them to chaperone the Halloween party. It lessens your headache and theirs too.
  6. Lock all bedroom doors.Kids sneak off to scare each other and other reasons at a Halloween party. Locking doors limits the places they can go or hide.
  7. Wear Halloween costumes.Kids don’t want to know that you are checking up on them and their friends. Wearing Halloween costumes like the Grim Reaper lets you observe the kids without interrupting their fun.
  8. Set out food ahead of time.For kids, out of sight is out of mind at their Halloween party. The less they see you, the better. Decorating and setting up the fun ahead of time, keeps you out of the room when their Halloween guests arrive.
  9. Remove breakable items.Any valuables in the Halloween party room can get broken so move them to a safe place.
  10. Use flashlights.It wouldn’t be a Halloween party if all the lights were on all the time. To get around and investigate what’s going on, use a flashlight.



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