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The Bachelor: Brad Womack and the Halloween Saga

Published by Rubin Schrager

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This season of The Bachelor features the comeback of bad boy; Brad Womack. Brad has been extremely verbal and open about his mistakes in the past and how hard he has worked to change. We shall see. As far as the women on this season’s The Bachelor, they are almost frightening to the point of being ridiculous. This season should have premiered around Halloween, it would have made more sense with some of the women, or should I say creatures of the night they found to capture Brad’s heart. The scary part is they may actually do just that.

Last night revealed that Vampirella, aka Madison, will be around for at least one more week. I don’t know who has more problems, ABC for casting her, or Brad for keeping her around. Now I know The Twilight movies are really popular these days, but honestly, how many men would want her for the mother of their future children? Yes, she really does have fangs, although I’m not sure if they are real or not. Hopefully she will be on her way back to Draculon soon.

If Vampirella wasn’t enough. there are enough witches and catty woman around to satisfy anyone at Halloween. Thank goodness Brad got rid of two of them that were in a constant cat fight during the cocktail party just before elimination. They were Melissa and Rachel. I don’t think they will be missed by anyone in the house, or Brad, who seemed to be overwhelmed by their crying and, one blaming the other for all the problems.

Another woman that stands out is Michelle, a Hair Stylist from Salt Lake City, who is about as catty, spoiled and self centered as one could get. She obviously has the attitude that the world revolves around her, and Brad is already her man, and look, but don’t touch. Brad will have his hands full with this little witch.

Thank goodness among the witches, catty women, and Vampirella, there are a few that seem to stand out as a good catch at least at this point. As most longtime fans know of The Bachelor know all too well, all that glitters isn’t gold. Many a woman on The Bachelor in the past who seemed to be a sweet, kind, and loving person in the beginning, later turned into everything imaginable. Some to the point of almost being psychotic. So, it will be very interesting to see what unfolds this new season of The Bachelor. Yes, Womack is Back!



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