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The Bloody Hook of Halloween

Published by Merideth Martindale

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The old man had been hunting for a so called buried treasure for over 20 years. But on Halloween night in 1920, he was going to find more than he bargained for.

The old man was digging as usual trying to find the gold that someone told him was buried on his land. He had been digging in different spots for 20 years now with no luck. He had over 500 acres and it seemed he had hardly made a dent in 20 years.

He dug each hole about five feet deep just to make sure. There were hundreds of holes on his property still left uncovered.

He had dug three holes when on the fourth he hit something hard and sounded like steel. He dug faster until he reached a steel box. In the moonlight it had a dull shine to it. He reached down and picked up the box. It was not as heavy as he thought it would be.

It had three locks on it, so he knew it would take some work to get it open. He carried it back to his tool shed and found his bolt cutters. The first two locks snapped off with little effort. The last lock was a huge one, and the old man knew it would take more than bolt cutters to open it.

As he was trying to find something else to open the box, a strong cold wind started blowing. The old man stepped outside to look at the sky to see if it looked like it was going to blow in a rain. However, when he stepped out he noticed that the wind was only blowing right around his shed.

The old man went back in and shut the door. Although he was a little shaken and curious as to what was going on, he was more even more determined to get that box open.

He finally found a saw which he was pretty sure would open the lock. As he started sawing the lock he noticed that the wind got stronger and lightning was flashing and thunder was so loud it sounded as if it was right there inside the shed with him. Yet he continued to saw the lock.

When the lock finally gave way the old man noticed that the wind and thunder and lighting had stopped. His hands were shaking as he reached for the lid to the box. But just as he reached the lid and was about to open it, he heard a voice telling him that he would die if he opened the box. “Do not open it,” the voiced moaned. “You will die this night if you do,” it said.

The old man had been digging for 20 years to find this box, and nothing was going to stop him. He again reached for the lid and slowly began to open it. The lid creaked and groaned as he lifted it. Slowly he raised the lid focusing on the inside of the box.

He finally got it completely open. But what was in the box was not what he expected. There was no treasure in the box, there was only a hook. It looked as if it were a hook that was used to put on people when they lost their hands.

The old man picked up the hook and looked at it curiously. This was what he had been breaking his back for, for the past 20 years. He threw the hook across the shed and stomped to the door. But when he tried to open it, it would not budge.

He heard the voice again. “I told you if you opened the box you would die tonight. Now you must die.”

The old man crouched down to the ground shaking violently. Suddenly the wind starting blowing again! As the old man looked up he saw the hook he had thrown hanging in the air above him.

He screamed and tried to get the door open. When he could not do it, he started to run toward the window. But sacks of feed came tumbling down in front of him. He started to move over to his left but all kinds of tools started falling. When he tried to move backwards bales of hay blocked his way.

Suddenly the old man let out a blood curdling scream.

A few days passed and when no one saw the old man anywhere, someone called the police. When the police arrived they began searching the property. When they finally got to the shed where the old man had last been, they opened the door slowly.

The old man was no where to be found in the shed either. However, the police did find all of the feed sacks, hay bales and tools lying on the ground. When they removed them, thinking they might find the old man, the only thing they found was a bloody hook and a rusted tin box.

As they started to leave to go look around some more, they heard a voice. Thinking it was the old man they turned around to look. There hanging in the air was the bloody hook. And there was a voice saying “leave this property and do not come back or else.”

To this very day no one has ever set foot back on the property. However, some people who live close by say that every Halloween they hear screams that sound like the old man coming from the shed. And one person even said they had seen a bloody hook flying around outside the shed one Halloween.


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