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The Dark Side of Halloween

Published by Merle Bickmore

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Scared of the Dark?

If at any time it seems understandable to be scared of the dark, Halloween would be the perfect time. At any other time of the year, it just isn’t “cool” to admit being scared of the dark, especially for an adult.

It’s not “cool” for teens to admit being scared of the dark, either. At least it wasn’t for me when I was thirteen. I was very afraid of the dark, but I was also too embarrassed to admit it to anyone.

My older sister, Sally, some how managed to discover what I thought was my secret fear. Much to my trepidation she used this knowledge to play a practical joke on me that scared me silly.

One night mom asked me to turn the light on in the bedroom I shared with my two sisters. The light switch was across the room from the doorway I had to enter to go through to enter our bedroom. To make matters worse I had to pass the closet to reach the light switch. I definitely did not want mom to know I was scared of the dark, so I bravely swallowed my fear and mustered the courage to enter the room.

Reaching the closet I paused for a moment wondering if I should on top-toe creep past it, or race past it as fast as I could run. I decided to tip-toe…the wrong decision! Upon reaching the closet the door flew open, I was ambushed! I felt my attacker clamp my arms down tightly to my sides. I tried to scream but I couldn’t utter a sound. I fell with my attacker still holding me tightly onto the bed. Now my attacker was on top of me; I laid motionless, paralyzed with fear, tears of fright streaming down my cheeks.

Then I heard a familiar giggle. Sally whispered, “gotcha, didn’t I?” Under such perilous conditions the only thing to do was bust out laughing. Sally and I laid on the bed laughing to the point of silliness.

Halloween’s Dark Side

Is it silly to be scared of the dark? Halloween is a much anticipated holiday, retailers are busy months in advance getting ready for peak sales from merchandise that is seasonally Halloween.

Yet, there is a dark side to Halloween, that is easy to understand when you consider the occult overtones of this day.

Once A Chrsitian Holiday to Do Good

Hundreds of years ago Halloween was a Christian holiday known as Hallow Een or Holy Evening. It was a much anticipated day for Christians to extend kindness and comfort to the needy of the community.

Christian women would bake small cakes, sometimes with nuts or fruits in them, to be handed out to the needy that evening. Children were bustled off to bed with as much ease as they would be on Christmas eve. A candle was lit, and placed in the window to show the needy there would be a cake and good cheer for them if they knocked on the door.

Then it all changed. Evil entered the scene in the form of pranksters who dressed up like witches, ghosts and even the devil to frighten and scare the needy people from receiving the goodwill and treats of the Christians.

Halloween Today

Today, Halloween is a highly commercialized pagan holiday often filled with pranks which has caused property damage and/or physical harm. Fundamentalist Christians say, “no” to celebrating this day for these reasons.

The Influenced of the Occult

To illustrate the influences of the occult the following statistics are from the Wikipedia Encyclopedia.

In Europe, many cultures hold that Halloween is the one time of the year when spirits can make contact with the physical world.

In present day Ireland, both children and adults dress up as creatures from the underworld: Ghosts, witches, goblins. Salt is still sometimes sprinkled in the hair to ward off any evil spirits.

Scottish parents carve out the face of the devil in a Neep (turnip) and a candle is placed inside. This is done to ward off any evil fairies as the children parade in costume through the streets of town.

In Scottish-American and Irish-American homes it was the practice to play divination games. These games were suppose to foretell one’s future spouse; provide happiness or a profitable year. This practice is still done in the rural areas of these communities.

Today, for adults wanting to attend a costume party on Halloween, the two most popular costumes are witches and vampires.

Halloween imagery tends to involve: Death, magic, ghosts, spirits, witches, vampires, bats, vultures, black cats, spiders, goblins, mummies, skeletons, werewolves and demons.

Even the colors associated with Halloween have occult symbolism.
Black – death, night, witches, vampires, hell, black cats and bats.
Orange – fire. But also non-occult connotations of autumn and harvest.
Purple – night, supernatural, mysticism
Green – monsters, goblins and zombies
White – ghosts, mummies, and full moon
Red – fire, blood, demons, Satan

Crime and Halloween

In recent years, the pranksters Halloween night seems to attack in increasing numbers have executed pranks so serious, law enforcement has become involved. Some examples:

Recently in England, the pranks have escalated to extreme forms of vandalism often involving street fires. There is also elevated antisocial behavior among older teens and young adults that the BBC reports that in 2016 police forces stepped up patrols to respond to the many reports of mischief caused by these young adults.

Within the United States many crime-ridden towns have discouraged trick-or-treat activities to prevent potential acts of violence against the trick-or-treaters. There have been reports of gang shootings, lacing candy and treats handed out to children with illicit drugs and placing razor blades and needles in candy apples.

As a personal note, since nine-eleven, my neighborhood is “dead” on Halloween night. Youngsters head out to the
bash” Parks and Recreation throws, or they attend church sponsored parties, or private parties hosted by family or friends.

Australia may have the “ticket” on Halloween safety. Trick-or-treaters stay to their own neighborhoods, where family and friends by pre-arrangement have pre-wrapped lollies (candy) ready to hand out. Strangers who offer treats are greeted with hostility by parents. Tricks of any kind are forbidden. Most Australians view Halloween as a senseless form of American commercialism.

Halloween Commercialism

And, so it is. In the United Kingdom, Halloween is the thrid most profitable holiday. Within the United States it has become the sixth most profitable holiday after Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Father’s Day.

Halloween has become America’s second most popular day for holiday decorations. Christmas being the first most popular day.

Being Scared of the Dark Isn’t Silly

When considering the heavy influences of the occult, perhaps it isn’t so silly to view Halloween as a dark and some what fearful holidy. Even more understandable is that maybe it isn’t so silly to be scared of the dark; everything evil (which Halloween celebrates) is associated with darkenss or the dark.

In the Book of Psalm and also Jeremiah, darkness is a punishment for those who do evil. Hell in the Gospel of Matthew is described as a place where there is eternal darkness, as well as where there will be eternal weeping and the gnashing of teeth. (Matthew 8:12, 22:13 and 25:30)

The Book of Acts tells us darkness is associated with the powers of Satan and sin. Whereas light is associated with God, forgiveness and eternal life with Jesus. Heaven is described as a place of eternal light. Recall, God created light before He created any living thing. Why? All living things need light to survive.

Since light is life and darkness is death, isn’t this reason enough to be scared of the dark? Those who are outside the love and salvation of Jesus are in darkness.

The Gospels tell us that Jesus is the Light. He is the Way. He is the Truth. Repeatedly God’s Word tells us no one can enter Heaven unless they come through Jesus by accepting His gift of salvation.

Salvation the Remedy

While the Bible makes the steps to salvation crystal clear, Satan often throws a smoke screen in front of the eyes of the unbeliever. Since we all know how difficult it is to physically see through smoke, it should be fairly easy to understand the Devil’s smoke screen has the same effet on our spiritual vision: This darkness can lead one to feel scared.

No one wants to admit they haved sinned. Like being scared of the dark, this is something embarrassing to admit. Besides we all like to think good of ourselves. And Satan will make sure we do exactly that – think so well of ourselves we convince ourselves God couldn’t possibly send us to spend eternity in utter darkness…in that horrible place known as Hell.’

But, God’s Word is clear in stating, we have all sinned and fall short of His glory. (Romans 3:23) Who can be saved then? We all can for the next verse states jsut as clearly: “And (we) are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.” (vs. 24) NIV An often quoted verse found in Romans 6:23 – “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Gift? yes, salvation is a free gift. What must one do to accept this gift? The steps are simple:
Confess your sin to God (Even if you have lived a near perfect life, you were born in sin due to Adam’s sin in the Garden of Eden).
Believe God will forgive your sin. Ask Jesus to come into your life.
Thank Him for this gift, for saving you from the wages of sin, for giving you eternal life.
Then, in time, seek out an opportunity to share this experience with someone.
And, if you aren’t in a solid Bible-based church, seek one out and start attending regularly, this is how you will grow and mature in your faith.

Where Good Churches Often Fail

Even the best churches some times fail to present the fact, not only is God extremely loving and compassionate, ready to forgive sins, but He is also a just Judge. who because of His holiness can not tolerate sin (Habakkuk 1:13)

What will you be judged on? First whether or not you have accepted His Son as your Savior. Then how you lived your life according to His Word. If you haven’t accepted Jesus as your Savior, tragically my friend, you will spend your eternity in utter darkness, where there will be endless torment and destruction. I suppose no one can actually visualize how awful Hell will be, no more that we can completely understand how glorious Heaven will be. But the Bible has given us enough information to make Heaven far more attractive than Hell.

The Decision

It is your decision to make. If you have no clear remembrance of having make this decision, perhaps you haven’t. What have you got to loose by making it right now? The only thing you will loose is your sin and a one way ticket to spending eternity in Hell. Would you like to spend all eternity in darkness so dark, it is darker than the darkest black?

What will you gain? Peace within your spirit; spedning all eternity in Heaven. if you want a glimpse of just how lovely Heaven will be, read the Twenty-first chaper of The Book of Revelation through to the seventh ferse of the Twenty-second chapter. It is too glorious for comprehension.

Reasons for Being Scared of the Dark

Because God designed us to be creatures to seek out light, it is no wonder we do not like the dark. Everything evil is associated with the dark. And isn’t evil something to fear? Witout God it is. Maybe it isn’t so silly to be scared of the dark. If there is anything wonderful about being scared of the dark, it is we can step out of this darkness, into the light by allowing Jesus to be our Light.



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